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AEW Collision results October

Wrestling has achieved surprising popularity among the population, especially in All Elite Wrestling, who enjoy this activity in their leisure time. It’s time for AEW Collision results This sport show undoubtedly an intriguing and engaging projection. Here are the results of the AEW collision of 28 October 2023 which will definitely leave you speechless. If you are reading this specifically to find out the results then it will be turning into a very expensive and favorable time.

Imagining the match is interesting but visiting the websites to know verbally about AEW collision results will be even more fascinating and arousing the curiosity. 

Headlines of the AEW collision results (28 October,2023)

Reviewing the core of the match:

Contest 1Jay White ( w/ Bullet Club Gold) competes with AR Fox and the winner is Jay white with his unbelievable coping strengths.

Contest 2- The Gunns ( w/ Bullet Club Gold) compete with The Boys ( w/ Dalton Castle) and the winner is The Gunns.

Contest 3In the AEW Women’s World Championship,  Hikaru Shida vs Abadon, and the winner of this exclusive fight is of course Hikaru Shida retains.

Contest 4- In the ROH World Television Championship, Samoa Joe showed actions against Rhett Titus and the winner of this contest is Samoa Joe.

Contest 5- Ricky Starks ( w/ Big Bill) vs Dax Harwood (w/ Cash Wheeler) and the winner is Ricky Starks.

Contest 6-  Claudio Castagnoli hits the arms with Tracy Williams and the winner is Claudio Castagnoli.

Contest 7- In the AEW World Championship, MJF agitation with Kenny Omega, and the winner is MJF.

Noteworthy results in AEW collision event (28 Oct 2023)

Defeat of Harwood: Dax Harwood looks to shut up AEW world tag champ Ricky Starks.

AEW World championship: MJF defends against Kenny Omega.

MLW champion request: He requested his release from the promotion. 

Witnessing moment: Wardlow  and Samoa Joe is shown watching on from the backstage 

MJF take on with three partners:  MJF and three partners to take on bullet club gold on this week’s AEW Dynamite.

Match # 1 – Jay White Takes on the High-Flying AR Fox in AEW collision

AEW collision program will bombard TV channels with its mind-blowing unpredictability of the performers and make it fantastic for your Saturday night.

Now, are you ready to hear the details of the contest held between Jay White and AR Fox and how Jay White hit the bat against AR Fox? 

Bullet Club Hold music initiates and the contestants reach out the ring. On the other behalf, the AR Fox theme song plays and he ventures towards the ring. It’s going to be all conspiracy wow!

Jay White has the AEW world title belt as he gets in form to hit the muscles against AR Fox. The belt is mantled around the announced table due to the ringing. White took Fox to the corner and both men unlocked their fitness. People were howling and growling with jerking voices, all were so excited at the beginning of the contest. Some were supporting Jay and some were raising their shouts for Fox. White knocks out his first punch against Fox who is making his way miserable. High applause started with Jay’s first move. Meanwhile, Fox was looking for a better direction to hit his first move and to arouse his major anger. Jay white when in contact with Fox, Fox first kicked him and punched Jay’s face alternatively without thinking any other acting Fox was just projecting his aggression in return for Jay’s first knocking down. 

The crowd was amazed and the commentator was out of words by Fox’s ultimate punches on Jay’s. Meanwhile Jay White was bearing his punches with muted tongue and moves. White returns with a half-and-half suplex in the corner with the screams and strikes Fox’s chest with the right angle. Fox after the chop slimmed backward to the rope for a support with shortness of breath and open mouth. Fox pushed Jay outside the rope with his hand below his legs and the people got crazy with this, omg it’s a full suspense now. 

Jay switched back inside the rope and rolled his gross body. Jay put himself to the ropes and then ventured outside the ropes, with this Fox also jumped on Jay outside the ropes.

Now the action is outside: Fox slicked Jay’s hair brutally, lifted his head up, and dragged him inside the rope again. Jay rolled himself and Fox again came into the frame for other action without allowing Jay to fight. Fox lifted Jay’s whole existence on his shoulders and damn he drove him to the floor with the maximum power. Jay wasn’t able to stand, so Fox jumped on the rope to wait for his stand-up and again activated himself for another takeover. Jay was laid down for 3 seconds. 

After a break- Jay white was getting a cop for his trouble and for safe defense he began with a series of chops on Fox’s back and kicked over his chest multiple times miserably. Now in this stage, something exciting happened. Jay fought back against Fox when Fox dragged him to the floor a second time. Jay called Fox’s head and dropped him from his chest. Fox was trying to beat him but he was unable to move his body, this was the third time when the referee came to beat the floor three times and this third time Fox didn’t stand until the 3 counts.

Jay White Wins Collision Fight

Fans got deranged in Jay’s support, Jay White appreciated his success with an arms up gesture and was showing up with pride.

AEW collision results were very twisted and beyond expectations. At first, I thought that AR Fox would win the battle but the game turned so fast and the insane results of the first contest hit the slopes. 

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Match #2 The boys vs the Gunns Club (Collision Fight)

Dalton Castle walks the boys out, the Gunns were already in the ring preparing for their outstanding performance. Now the bell rings, and a quick tag has stated its initiation between the boys and the Gunns in the results of the AEW collision. Castle profils around and leaves to go back. 

Austin from Gunns and Brandon from the boys are inside the ring to fuel their energy against each other, and what a great crowd is around supporting their wrestlers. Austin and Brandon are standing in their opponent’s position. Brandon came over to beat Austin but  Austin due to his defensive strength double crossed Brandon and prevented himself from Brandon’s first act. Brandon again confronted Austin but Austin amazed us by knocking up Brandon’s head. Yes, you are thinking right, Austin double-legged one of the boys on the spot. Brandon smashes Austin for his defense but now it’s aimless and Austin throws him to the floor with raising his finger out of delight. 

The next step is so mind-blowing, Brandon got up to catch Austin but Austin was just doing great by smacking the ropes left and right and getting off Brandon’s chaotic aggression. Brandon finally achieved his goal of kicking Austin so kicked him in the face and greeted the other boy with a high-five to celebrate his little happiness of taking over. He more often seems like he won the battle and imagines himself a scumbag. But it’s obvious when you target successfully after millions of trials then this pride is certain. With this, the other boy Brent also came inside the ring against Austin. Austin slanged the rope, and one of the boys again kicked the Aistin’s face but Austin never disappointed the spectators, without any second thought he just smashed Brent and threw him worthlessly to the rope. 

Colton’s arrival

On the other hand Colton appreciated his Gunn and entered the ring with enough boldness. I would have to say the Boys should leave the ring haha. Colton with its arrival down Brandon just like his brother and the crowd says “Ohhh” it’s a fun man.

Brandon got a knock for a loop by Calton. Oh, it’s ready, the train is coming choo. The Gunn’s are in their full form ready to beat the hopeless Boys. Now the Gunn’s are directing their aggression on Brent, brothers rocking the program of AEW collision by crossing their hands around Brent’s leg and throwing him onto the floor. The referee counted to three, but Brent and Brandon weren’t able to fight. 

Result: Gunn’s bet the Boys Brandon and Brent couldn’t stand back for their revenge. 

Match# 3 Hikaru Shida Puts the Title on the Line Against Abadon (Fright night fright match)

The bell rings, and the two legends come along the ring intending to win. 

People greet them with the Applause, the ring consists of a pumpkin and garbage environment. The AEW collision event of the women’s championship is on the line. Here the champion Shida against the challenger Abadon showing on the screen. Shida was hitting friendly first, but later on, Abadon shook Shida’s head with back and forth force stretched her arms again and again with the force, and then smacked her on the neck. Shida showed a very hurtful emotion. Shifa didn’t give up and moved towards the other end of the ring and bounced from the ring towards Abadon to beat her and hence got success in handling the victory. Shida yelled out of their throat and got this title. 

Shida now flew over the top of the ring and jumped in the ring until the stand-up of Abadon. Both competitors double-crossed the line. Good landing for both the champion and challenger. Abadon turned her body towards the outside underneath the ring and Shida crawled up to the end meanwhile Abadon entered the ring with passion and anger holding a bat and coming towards Shida. High in the air Shida upholded the bat and started a harmful series of chops on Abadon’s waist against the ropes. 

It’s not a stop here, Abadon turned back towards Shida with a horrible black and green mask on, oh my god it’s a critical situation now let’s see what happens afterward. Shida kicked her on the lower body part but Abaddon continued to come towards Shida in a horrible face mask. I think Shifa kicked her because of worry and defense. Anyways moving further, oh Shida again attacked her opponent but Abadon as expected did not stop and again came back to life. Wait what? Shida again slicked her head and started devastating punches on her head very cruelly. It’s amazing how Shida did not lose her confidence. Now Shida again kicked her face and bounced from the rope on Abadon but here is something very unpredictable. Abadon double-crossed her and sat on her waist until the referee counted to three. 

Abadon rolls Shida up out of frustration and oh man she shelved the bloom and flipped Shida to the rope with intense potency. Abadon surprised the kids by giving them candies during the contest, this was a sweet gesture.

Abadon again double-crossed the champion from the top of the rope and stiffed Shida. 

Hikaru Shida beat Abadon

Now do you want to know how Shida puts the title on the line against Abadon? First Shifa tried to beat her but Abadon kicked away as soon as possible. Then  Shida grabbed a heavy stick and Abadon grabbed a pumpkin lol. Shida with maximum strength, thrashed the stick on Abadon’s head due to which she fell and Shida held Abadon until it counted to three and she got success in her this trick. In the end, to celebrate her triumph she picked the pumpkin and smashed Abadon with it on her head. AEW collision results of women ‘s championship in the hands of Hikaru Shida. 

“ What a win”, said Tony Schiavone. 

Match# 4: Samoa Joe Moves Closer Toward Greatness Against Rhett Titus (ROH World TV Championship)

The ringing bell unlocks Titus and Samoa to come into the ring. Titus initiated the fight by smashing Samoa’s chest with an elbow but was not so willing to give Samoa submission over him. Titus didn’t stop himself and again attacked his face with the unlimited slams. 

Samoa Joe came as close as anyone and defeated Titus for the title. Samona with enough frustration started punching his chest after every second and the crowd got insane after viewing Samoa’s response to Titus’ initial move. Samoa drove Titus down with his unlimited punches and then picked Titus himself and slipped him to the rope, putting all of his weight on Titus’ chest and I think this was the most hurtful revenge of Samoa.

Not enough, Samoa again smashed Titus’ chest. Totus finally took a step for himself and kicked his face standing with the ropes. Samoa was laid down, Titus tried to jump on him but Samoa played a very savage move by changing his position and hence Titus fell on the floor. This was the funniest and smartest action of Samoa ruining Titus by his own action. 

Samoa Joe again continued to beat him with his punches but in return, Titus also hit him on his head and bounced back from the ropes to kick Samoa’s face twice, and screamed thinking he would win. The game got twisted and the third time when Titus came to Samoa by bouncing back to the rope, Samoa held his existence and threw him on the floor with incredible power. 

ROH World TV Championship result

According to AEW collision results, Samoa after heading Titus down for three seconds got a victory and did his winning symbol, also he received the ROH medal for a big win in the AEW collision program. The crowd was yelling his name and he was showing pride with his arms up and a dead impression.

Match# 5 Ricky Starks vs Dax Harwood: 

AEW collision results integrate the champion’s performance with great results beyond expectations.

The bell rings and both of the legends come in the ring. Ricky was resting on the rope until Harwood disturbed him by punching his neck. Then Harwood uplifted himself on the rope and carried Stark from his undergarment on his shoulder and threw himself with Stark on the floor and boom both hit hard and both are still down obviously as the referee Stefon Smith checks in. Harwood if wanted to harm Stark, then he should only throw him but whatever the fight and the winning desire demands. Reviewing the previous headline, Harwood damaged his back and this is the reason he was unable to capitalize on the superex. 

Both finally up swinging the punches and smashes. Dax hits Stark misses, Dax again takes action and Ricky Stark misses again. Here we go with the spontaneous hitting of Harwood to Stark. Both were chest to chest, Stark was moving around Harwood to collapse him and so he did. Big stripe by Ricky out of the right side. Stark again hit the motivation to destroy Harwood, he double under Hood Harwood in between his legs but did not complete his step. Harwood defended himself and initiated with a few smashes, strikes hard and Stark goes down over. 

Again Stark stood up held his ground nicely and crawled over him. Harwood attacked him from behind and rolled him up and even though Stark could not win his moves out of the way. Oh wow, the other moment is just wow. Harwood pulls Stark down and gets over towards the ropes growling. 

Harwood got him up again but oh shit they both fell and triggered their back again. Harwood did not lose any hope and stood up immediately to get on Stark’s body. The referee and the public counted till three but Stark wasn’t able to stand back. Stark always knows he is the superstar and hit Harwood hard towards the ropes and he stiffed in the exact position as he was beaten up. Stark when reaching to Harwood again, Harwood knocked his face from his knee and oh Stark is just speechless. 

AEW collision results left us speechless oh god it’s so unpredictable. Stark on the other minute lifted Harwood to the upside-down position on his hands and the observers went mad at Stark’s unbelievable performance. Harwood is not a kid, after the crowd’s applause for Stark he gets in the mood, lays stark down, and holds Stark’s leg with his hand until it counts to three. 

Ricky Stark’s victory in the AEW collision event

Now back the Stark’s got him up and held Harwood’s leg until the three seconds counted. He did the same as Harwood did and this is how the legend plays back.


The live-streaming show of AEW collision events with results are just mind-blowing and amazing, and can easily elevate your mood. It was a good AEW collision show till the end with strangeness and unconceivable suspense. It will count in a fabulous journey and good books. 

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