5 best soccer cleats for wide feet: Instep Selection

In the past, wide-footed soccer players might have had difficulty locating high-quality footwear, but this is no longer the case. Numerous manufacturers understand the value of offering more size options, and the best soccer cleats for wide feet which translates to a wider variety of high-quality shoes so that you can stay supported on the field.

5 best soccer cleats for wide feet

Our motive is to feel confident on the field; for that, we have set up a shopping escort for the top soccer cleats. This comprehensive guide ensures perfect comfort and maximum dexterity when in the market for soccer cleats designed with a more substantial foot width. Below are the astonishing details of the top 5 handpicks soccer cleats for wide feet that help you to concentrate on what you want.

Adidas Unisex-Adult Goletto VIII Firm Ground Soccer Shoe 

Adidas Goletto VIII soccer cleats dispense performance you don’t predict finding in a boot at their price point. The great thing is that it is the best Adidas soccer shoe for wide-footed players. You ensure quick movements during the field without fearing a slip or losing your feet.

Moreover, the low-cut design of these shoes fabricates outstanding maneuverability. At the same time, the durable synthetic upper can resist the rigors of the game, so you can make those game-changing plays and prepare to transform your game like never before.

Available Size 4 to 13.5 inch
Sole materialSynthetic sole
colorCore black, white, and red

Breakdown Features of Adidas Firm Ground Soccer cleats For Wide Feet

  • TPU and other polystyrene are used in Insole, making shoes more flexible and giving feet cushioning support.
  • The stud feature is designed for firmness on the ground and is acquired from the cleated outsole, making friction, and predators should be skillful for the best kick.
  • The shoe is made with concealed triangular-shaped studs for the underfoot; under the forefoot is seven, while under the heel is 4.
  • The padding material used in Adidas shoes for wide footers is moderately thicker than other modern boots. It gives eye–catching details and redecorating stitch with laces system ensures you always look the part.

Underarmour Men’s Spotlight Fran 2.0 Football shoe 

Underarmour soccer shoes have always been a popular choice for players with wide feet. They make all athletes superior through revolutionary footwear design, and obstinate tracking of modernism. The Men’s Spotlight Fran 2.0 certainly lives up to its iconic name. These soccer cleats for wide feet are an absolute sensation with this new arrival in 2023 athletes strive for an edge or a sports admirer looking for unbeaten style.

Size6.5 to 16 inch
Sole materialsynthetic

Breakdown Features of Spotlight Fran 2.0 Soccer cleats For Wide Feet

Underarmour spotlight football shoes using technology for the specific product is complex. Still, the reaping program is simple to wear every season, even between extremes. 

‣ Shoe Material

The synthetic upper sole and EVA insole are used in the construction to provide excellent strength and longevity.

The midsole is made with Rubber, and similar materials, making it tough, durable, and fabricated firmly on different surfaces.

‣ Non-Slip and arch support

These soccer cleats retain resistance, slip resistance, and padded tongue collar provide the best arch support.

‣ Increased Durability

Underarmour football shoes have synthetic upper and Rubber molded cleats that give extra comfort, aggressive traction, and structure to wide feet shoes. In Underarmour’s Spotlight, the used leather is four times more durable than traditional patent leather.  

‣ Enhanced speed and flexibility

The spotlight fran 2 features provide better stability and flexibility while speeding down the field or making sharp cuts. 5/8 height provides perfect speed and support. 

Adidas Men’s Samba Classic Soccer Shoes

The Samba, created by Adidas in 1950, is a legendary version of a training shoe that is worn all across the world. These soccer sneakers have three stripes and a gum rubber outsole that gives them strength so players can train and compete on the pitch in frozen areas. In terms of look, these boots for wide feet have sleek suede uppers with contrasting suede overlays, providing comfort fit and cushioning support to feet.

They are making stylish, adaptive, and durable boots at lower price ranges than the market’s leading manufacturers. The Adidas Samba Classic is an excellent soccer cleat for wide feet option and it is well worth your money. Without a question.

Available size8.5 to 14 inch
Sole materialGum-rubber sole

Breakdown Features of Addidas Samba Soccer cleats For Wide Feet

A supreme fitting, adequate cushioning, and stud layout assist with balance and stability. 

  • The leather uppers are used in manufacturing.
  • The irremovable foam insole shoe is comfortable and won’t cause blisters or discomfort while playing.
  • Gum Rubber outsole provides flexibility and textures to feet.
  • These soccer cleats have a Suede toe overlay to give comfortable textile lining, wear-resistance
  • Fabricate with the “Adidas SAMBA” tongue label, giving it a stylish and modern look.

MFSH Unisex-Cleats Soccer Shoes for Big Boy: 

MFSH Unisex-Cleats Soccer Shoes resist the diligence of the turf ground cleats with a sleek and modern look. A favorite of the pros, about the MFSH Unisex-Cleats is its adaptability. The innovative lacing system allows for greater customization than with other brands, which means players can enjoy a snug fit that’s not too restrictive. It’s an appreciable choice for the player looking for comfortable, flexible, and light soccer cleats for wide feet that fabricates control, fit, and precision on the field. 

Size6 to 14 inch
Sole materialRubber and TPU 
Foot length235 to 280 feet

Breakdown Features of Unisex Soccer cleats For Wide Feet

‣ Sole material

  • Outer sole materials are invented with Rubber and Thermoplastic polyurethane. Provide resistance and flexibility to shoes on natural ground. 
  • A midsole with EVA, the properties of polyurethane that strengthen shoes during running and turf ground games. The midsole is the collision absorption layer between the outer sole and the insole layer of shoes.
  • The Insole of shoes is made with soft Calfskin leather, providing safety to footwear. Dainite soles dispense superb traction and can resist long-lasting.

‣ Slip-resistance and shockproof

PU leather upper of High-top spikes soccer shoes provide cushioning, flexibility, and resistance against the turf ground. EVA material makes these soccer shoes collision absorbers and gives adjustable firmness on natural and artificial ground.

‣ Ankle Support

The MFSH Unisex with a high-top design allocates enough support ankles to protect from injuries and make feet supportive and comfortable.

‣ Breathable and Durability

These soccer cleats feature a breathable upper that promotes coherent circulation. This circulation enhances the durability of both the outer and inner layers allows outstanding breathability keeps feet comfy all day long, and satisfied walking and running.

Qzzsmy Men’s Athletic Soccer Football Cleats

While not quite as wide as some of the other selections mentioned here, the key to
this cleat’s appeal is the ample space within the toe box. Thanks to this construction, this shoe is perfect for people whose foot is wider in the toe area. Qzzsmy Men’s Athletic Soccer Football Cleats are versatile in their functionality and used for Indoor, outdoor, training, and competition on the field.

While it’s not the most eye-catching option on our list of best boots for broad feet, it’s a great option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on their football gear.

Available Size7.5 to 13 inch
Sole material50% TPU, 50%Rubber

Breakdown Features of Qzzsmy Soccer cleats For Wide Feet

‣ Sole material and Studs

Rubber soles provide traction and grip on the surface, a better option for wide footer resistible and well anti-slip performance.

‣ Ankle support and breathable

On grass terrain, PU studs with rubber outsoles and padded collar support add volume and configuration support for speed. These football cleats are fashionable and airy thanks to their fabric inner.

‣ Grip

Studs provide explosive acceleration and expertise with high-speed maneuvers, ensuring optimal comfort and preventing feet from being lost in the field.

‣ Fly-Knit-High-Toped Design

Qzzsmy  Men’s Athletic Soccer Football Cleats endorsed high quality by professional and extremely talented teamwork. Fly-Knit High-Top design makes it easy to put on and take off, giving you a different experience level.

Few Drawbacks

1. Frail Material

2. Roughness appears after a few months of use.

Cricfer’s Buying Guide For the best soccer cleats for wide feet

Check the shape and fitness

Whether you have flat feet or wide feet, it’s important to pay attention to the shape and accurate size when purchasing it at the store or online. Accurate measurements retain the feet in a comfort zone, and fitness provides the best kick during the field on turf ground.

Be mindful of the playing surface

When you choose the best soccer cleats shoes for playing, you have to concentrate on the field area, whether it is soft ground, firm ground, or artificial ground, or you play indoor football. Then it would help if you had indoor soccer cleats and shoes. For perfect traction, stability, and slip resistance, it’s important to look for the area where you are playing.

Check lacing system:

According to your personal preference, it might be dominant to consider the versatility and proficiency of use. Laces allow exact customization and adjustment. On the other hand, laceless soccer cleats are easy to wear or take off. 

Attention on InsoleInsole and arch support

This might help to execute perfect fit test stability during walking, running, and playing on the field. Arch support puts the feet in their comfort zone and the best kick during the game.

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