Best Vacuum For Long Hair and Different Floor Types

If you’ve been in the market for the best vacuum cleaner suitable for long hair and laminate floors lately, you may have found that the options are endless. They vary greatly in price and features, making it tough to know which one is right for you.

Best Vacuum For Long Hair

To make our recommendations, we carefully evaluate performance, price, and availability. We suggest starting with our suggestions to narrow down your options. By selecting the right vacuum cleaner, you can efficiently tackle long hair and maintain the cleanliness of your floors with ease.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best vacuums, broken down by type, to help you efficiently maintain clean different floors while dealing with long hair.

Best Vacuums Based on Usage:

Best Vacuum Types for Long Hair:

  • Stick Vacuum: Stick vacuums with adjustable suction power and soft brush attachments are generally suitable for long hair.
  • Canister Vacuum: Canister vacuums without brush rolls or with specialized attachments are better for long hair to prevent tangling and clogging.

Best For Laminate Floors:

  • Stick Vacuum: Ideal for laminate floors with adjustable suction power and a soft brush or beater bar.
  • Canister Vacuum: Canister vacuums with hard floor attachments or dedicated hard floor brushes are suitable for laminate floors.

Best For Vinyl Floors:

  • Canister Vacuum: Look for a canister vacuum with a hard floor attachment or a dedicated hard floor brush for gentle cleaning on vinyl floors.

Best For Carpeted Floors:

  • Upright Vacuum: Upright vacuums with strong suction and rotating brush rolls are excellent for deep cleaning carpeted floors. Ensure they have height adjustment settings.
  • Canister Vacuum: Canister vacuums with motorized powerheads or carpet-specific brush rolls are suitable for carpeted floors. Look for models with adjustable suction and height settings.
  • Robot Vacuum: Some robot vacuums offer strong suction and carpet-specific cleaning modes with brush rolls that agitate carpet fibers for effective cleaning.

Best Vacuum For Long Hair

As, we know Long strands of hair often get caught in brush rolls or cause clogs in vacuum components, affecting suction performance. An ideal vacuum for tackling hair should not only be effective in cleaning pet hair. It should also feature removable brush rolls for easy cleaning of hair wraps or have anti-tangling functions in their vacuum heads.

1. Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV

For those who prefer a corded upright vacuum, we recommend the Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV. This bagless vacuum offers the convenience of an alternate lift-away configuration. It allows you to detach and carry the canister separately from the upright chassis. It boasts a durable build and a low cost of ownership, thanks to its reusable filters and lack of disposable dirt bags.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away ADV vacuum for long hair

The Shark Rotator excels at handling long hair and solid debris on bare floors, such as linoleum or hardwood. It also performs admirably in clearing debris from both low and high pile carpets. With two floor head heights and two suction power modes, it easily adapts to different surface types.

2. Shark Rocket Pet Pro

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is a highly maneuverable cordless vacuum that excels in both stick and handheld configurations. Its compact design offers versatility for various cleaning situations.

best vacuum for long hir Shark Rocket Pet Pro

Battery life ranges from 12 to 40 minutes, depending on the power setting, and recharging takes approximately two and a half hours. With no bag requirements and filters that require minimal replacement with proper care, recurring costs are kept to a minimum.

Performance on Laminate and Vinyl Floors

When it comes to laminate floors, the Shark Rocket Pet Pro delivers exceptional performance. It effectively eliminates 100% of pet hair, 99% of large debris like cereal, and 100% of smaller debris like rice on the bare floor setting at maximum power. This outstanding performance places it among the top vacuums for laminate floors.

Performance on Carpets

While the Shark Rocket Pet Pro performs well on low-pile carpets, achieving 100% pet hair removal and approximately 95% removal of larger sand particles. However, its performance diminishes on smaller debris like baking soda, achieving only around 65% removal. On high-pile carpets, it maintains 100% pet hair removal but struggles with other debris, removing only about 80% of larger sand particles and 40% of baking soda.

Included Accessories

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro comes with essential tools and brushes, including a crevice and upholstery tool, as well as a hard bristle brush. However, compared to some other vacuums in this category, it offers a more limited range of accessories.

Best vacuum for laminate Floors and Long Hair

Not every vacuum is suitable for vinyl floors, and choosing the wrong one can result in undesirable outcomes. While cleaning bare floors may seem straightforward, it is important to select a vacuum that is specifically designed to protect and effectively clean vinyl flooring.

Dyson Ball Animal

The exceptional vacuum we’ve tested for laminate floors is the Dyson Ball Animal. This vacuum has a long reach for cleaning stairs and does well on both carpet and hard floors, even excelling at collecting long pet hair.

Despite its slightly bulky design, this vacuum offers excellent maneuverability around furniture, thanks to its easily maneuverable ball. It delivers outstanding performance on all floor types, particularly excelling on laminate floors by effectively picking up hair, small debris, and even larger debris like cereal. It also performs exceptionally well on carpets. The brush roll efficiently captures 100% of large debris on low-pile carpets, albeit slightly less effective on small debris (80%) and pet hair (around 88%).

However, it’s important to note that this vacuum is best suited for shorter cleaning sessions due to its underwhelming battery performance. Furthermore, its rack station lacks an additional battery charging slot.

Best Vacuum For Vinyl Floors and Long Hair

When it comes to keeping your laminate floors clean and free from scratches, using a vacuum made specifically for this flooring type is essential. We’ve done the research and found the perfect solution for you.

iRobot Roomba s9

For a hassle-free cleaning experience, the iRobot Roomba s9 is our top recommendation for vinyl floors and long hair. This versatile robot vacuum offers exceptional performance on bare floors and effectively handles debris on low and high-pile carpets. It features a built-in dirt sensor that focuses on heavily soiled areas, and the vacuum head automatically adjusts its height according to the floor type.

Best Vacuum For Vinyl Floors and Long Hair

The Roomba s9 stores a permanent map of your home, enabling efficient navigation around obstacles. You can set virtual boundaries and schedule cleaning for specific rooms and times through the companion app. It can also resume cleaning from where it left off after recharging at its dock.

While it lacks a motorized brush roll or air-driven turbo brush, the Roomba s9 efficiently picks up debris on carpets. Its lightweight and compact design ensures easy storage and maneuverability. With washable and reusable filters, the recurring costs are minimal, and the vacuum is simple to disassemble and reassemble.

Buying Guide For Best Vacuum Cleaner

To find the best vacuum cleaner that caters to long hair and various floor types for your needs, it’s crucial to consider the size of the area you’ll be cleaning and the types of surfaces you have. If you have staircases or bare floors, canister vacuums are worth considering due to their portability and wide range. On the other hand, if you live in a carpeted home, an upright vacuum might be the ideal choice. For those who prioritize easy handling and maneuverability, lightweight stick handheld vacuums are a solid option. These vacuums are convenient to carry and navigate around different floor types, making them particularly useful for dealing with long hair. Alternatively, If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of vacuuming at all, robot vacuums can clean a room with minimal interaction on your part. Check the Home page for more insights.

How do we Identify the best vacuum for long hair and various floors?

Here’s an overview of our testing methodology to identify the best vacuum for long hair and different floor types:

Bare Floor Cleaning: We assess the vacuum’s performance by cleaning up cereal and rice on bare floors. This test helps us gauge how well the vacuum handles different types of debris on surfaces like laminate flooring, hardwood, or tiles.

Carpet Cleaning: To evaluate the vacuum’s effectiveness on carpets, we test it on both low-pile and high-pile carpeting. We examine its ability to remove larger particles such as sand and baking soda.

Pet Hair Removal: Since many households have pets, we test the vacuum’s performance in dealing with pet hair on all types of surfaces. This allows us to assess its effectiveness in managing pet-related messes.

Build Quality and Maintenance: In addition to performance, we examine the vacuum’s build quality and ease of maintenance. This includes assessing the durability of its components and evaluating how user-friendly it is when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the machine.

Recurring Costs: We take into consideration the recurring costs associated with the vacuum, such as the price of replacement filters or bags. This helps provide a holistic understanding of the long-term expenses involved.

Dirt Capacity and Storage: We measure how much dirt the vacuum can hold before it needs to be emptied. Additionally, we assess its storage options to determine how easy it is to store when not in use.

Maneuverability: We evaluate the vacuum’s maneuverability, particularly in rooms with furniture. This includes assessing its ability to navigate around obstacles and reach tight spaces.

Battery Performance (for battery-powered vacuums): For vacuums that rely on batteries, we test the duration of the battery life on a single charge. This allows us to determine how long you can expect the vacuum to operate before requiring recharging.

Specific Features (for robot vacuums): In the case of robot vacuums, we also evaluate the specific features they offer. This includes assessing capabilities such as mapping, scheduling, or integration with smart home systems.

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