Cricket Academy in Patna, Bihar, with fees and facilities

Finding the best cricket academy in Patna can be difficult for youngsters as there are many cricket academies offering competitive cricket coaching in Patna, Bihar. This article will assist you in locating the top 3 cricket academy in Patna, Bihar with reasonable fees and facilities.

Before going through the best cricket academy in Patna.

Understand the role of the Bihar Cricket Association in Patna;

If you live in Patna, Bihar, and want to play cricket professionally, you must comprehend the association’s function in Indian cricket.
Bihar Cricket Association works with BCCI and organized National and International Cricket events in Patna. Whereas, the Cricket Association (BCA) is working as a monitoring body. His role is to look at various cricket-related activities in the state and its cities. Bihar Cricket Team has been representing India since 1936 at the state level. MS Dhoni(former Indian captain) has been a part of this team.

Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) mainly selects players from Cricket academies in Patna. Association gives the opportunity to players to play in Ranji Trophy (The biggest domestic tournament in India). Since Ranji Trophy is the first step to representing the Indian National Team.

Before joining the cricket academy in Patna, here are a few points to consider;

  1. Cricket academy in Patna must affiliate with Bihar Cricket Association.
  2. The second thing you should do is look at the resources the cricket academy offers. Ensure the cricket academy in Patna has top-notch equipment, including quality nets, an experienced coaching staff, and practice fields.
Cricket Academy in Patna, Bihar, with fees and facilities

There are many cricket academies in Patna that provide great facilities and coaching to aspiring cricket players under affordable fees. Here are the 3 best cricket academies in Patna that you can consider:

1. Cricket Academy of Pathans

The Cricket Academy of Pathans is one of the leading cricket academies in Patna. They have a well-equipped ground with all the latest facilities. The coaches here are experienced and have produced many international players.

The Cricket Academy of Pathans Patna was mutually launched by the Pathan brothers (Ifan, and Yusuf) to stir up royal sports and the expansion of cricket in Patna city. Furthermore, with more than 30 centers CAP stands as the biggest institute of cricket coaching in India. The academy set its sights on providing exceptional cricket coaching and also supporting the young talents of India. In its irresistible march so far, identically CAP has become more and more determined to provide the best facilities altogether.

Certainly, the CAP branch in Patna is the only Cricket Academy in Patna that has its Cricket ground and Indoor nets facility. With all the latest equipment and modern infrastructure, the center is open for Both boys and girls. Furthermore, Students in the age bracket of 6 to 23 can take admitted to Irfan Pathan Cricket academy.

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Cricket Academy of Pathans Facilities

Pathan cricket Academy in Patna and other cities provide the following facilities.

  • Scholarship for deserving Students.
  • State-of-the-art cricket coaching with Pitchvision (UK base Technology).
  • Assessment of students through the CAP mobile app.
  • Analytical coaching through stancebeam and smart bat sensor.
  • Ground facility for Club Matches.
  • Indoor and outdoor training facilities.
  • BCCI level and international level coaching staff.

Cricket academy of Pathans Fees

14000 INR for 4 months, 37000 INR for 12 months, and 60000 INR for 24 months.

CAP Patna, Bihar address

Jagjeevan Stadium, Khagaul – Phulwari Sharif Road, Near Danapur Railway Station, Khagaul, Patna, Bihar – 801105.

Contact number: +91 9264499911.

2. MS Dhoni Cricket Academy Patna

MS Dhoni Cricket Academy in Patna is the invention of Aarka sports and was founded by former Indian cricketer Mihir Diwakar in 2014. Dhoni cricket academy in Patna is mentored by iconic cricketer Mahindra Singh Dhoni.

Cricketers from various age groups and economic backgrounds can seek inspiration from legendary wicket-keeper batsmen. MS Dhoni cricket academy in Patna aims to give back to the aspiring sports community. With its world-class cricket coaching & facilities. MSDCA is reevaluating the quality of coaching and flourishing cricket in Patna, Bihar.

MS Dhoni cricket academy in patna bihar

The center is fully equipped with the latest technology essential for cricketers to grow. The inclusion of M.S. Dhoni in the academy has been the core value of MSDCA. As a result, Dhoni cricket academy is an exclusive center in Patna that provides Scientific Coaching, Competitive exposure for both boys and girls. Deserving students encourage to be admitted if they can’t meet the expenses of the academy.


MS Dhoni Cricket Academy is a great option for cricket coaching in Patna. They have a good ground with all the necessary facilities. The coaches here are also experienced and have produced many international players.

Dhoni cricket academy in Patna is the only coaching center providing hostel facilities to aspirant cricketers. Moreover, Practice matches, Technical analysis of players through videos, and opportunities to play for the Ranji trophy. High chances to play for the Bihar association cricket team and also an opportunity to learn from M.S Dhoni.

MS Dhoni Cricket Academy Fees

MS Dhoni cricket academy fees can be enquired about by visiting the help desk of the academy. Students may ask to pay 3000 to 5000 INR at the time of admission. The registration process and other information can be enquired about by visiting the official website of MSDCA.

Address and Contact Details

Urja Stadium, opposite DAV School, BSEB Colony, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800023, India.
PHONE NUMBERS: +91 84481 83607, +91 84481 83607, +918448183608.

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3. Gen Nex Cricket Academy

Gen-Nex Cricket academy is a professional cricket coaching center, located in the hub of Patna, Bihar state. Institute is imparting coaching in the game of cricket through the advance updated infrastructure and cricket training tools. The academy charges you a small amount of money at the time of admission with state-of-the-art facilities.

The academy helps cricket aspirants to become professionals in the game using a mix of conventional and unconventional training methods. comparatively, GenNex cricket academy stands among the top cricket academy (MSDCA, CAP) in Patna. The center has ticked all the boxes to compete with any other top cricket academy in Patna.

Moreover, The academy provides BCCI-level coaching to young boys and girls. With its playing ground, students can play more matches to asses faults in techniques so they can evaluate their mistakes. The facilities of bowling machines, cement, and turf wickets, Video analysis, personal coaching, fitness trainer, and video analysis are available.

GenNex fees and facilities in Patna

In order to take admitted to Gennex cricket academy Patna, students have to pay six to eight thousand INR admission fees. After that two to three thousand INR fees per month are charged by Gen Nex cricket academy.

Hostel facilities are also available in Gennex cricket academy. Students from outside the City of Patna can avail of the hostel facilities provided by the center.

Address and Contact Details

GEN NEX Cricket Academy is located at Kerori Chowk Road, Kisan Colony, Beur Akhada, Near Balami Chowk, Anisabad, Patna -2, Bihar, 800002.
PHONE NUMBER: +91024 09579.

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