New Balance Lacrosse Cleats: Top 3 Options

When getting ready for the upcoming season players wanna equipment that separates their pack. Now getting harder and harder to find good, fast, light-court shoes at a reasonable price. But these seem to be just that, New Balance Lacrosse Cleats hug the feet well. New Balance hit it big with the quality and craftsmanship of these cleats.

Below, we’ve spotlighted the top 3 cleat pairs designed by New Balance for artificial turf and natural grass.

New Balance Lacrosse Cleats

Quality Cleats must be First Priority

You might have the best stick on the market, the perfect string job, and pads. All that’s great…but if you can’t move around the field quickly on your own feet, all those other tools mean nothing. For the fastest game on two feet, you need a great pair of ground-gripping cleats. It would help if you had a cleat that gives you the traction to cut on a dime, and the comfort to go hard for four quarters.

By doing in-depth research & legwork on top trending new balance lacrosse cleats, we’ll stand out from the crowd and provide you with the most valuable insights. Let’s jump right in!

New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe

Picture this: You’re running down the field, when making fast, cutting movements, the QUIX outsole technology helps to give traction. After trying out the New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe for myself, I can confidently say totally worth it, and the quality is way better than expensive options.

This is a VERY light but nice quality pair of cleats that grip well on either grass or turf. The lightweight construction and innovative Flexonic sole provide the perfect balance between agility and stability. It’s like having a secret weapon strapped to your feet!

Trusted authorities in the lacrosse community have also praised the Freezelx V4 for its outstanding performance. Lacrosse Magazine hailed it as the “go-to cleat for speed and maneuverability,” On both grass and natural surfaces, the TPU molded cleat outsole offers great traction. Its main advantage is its hybrid tongue that feels you astonished.

Many users have a lot of trouble finding cleats with a wide width. The V4 edition covers a range of users and is available in different true-size charts from small to XL. It fits well, causing no blisters even when worn right out of the box during lacrosse practice.

New Balance Men’s Rush V3 Mid Lacrosse Shoe

New Balance Men’s Rush V3 Mid Turf cleats Lacrosse has specially created Ndurance outsoles. These lacrosse sneakers have a flexible and supportive top that provides outstanding stability and control.

Much more comfortable and supportive right out of the box than anticipated, especially considering the price. They have a nice, soft leather feel—not overly stiff like most cleats I’ve owned—and a light, airy weight, making them a delight to wear. The mesh design is a great feature as it allows your feet to breathe. The cleat-bottom feels sturdy with a rubber material rather than plastic, giving me hope that they will endure long-term use. The best part? These shoes come at a remarkably low cost.

So difficult to find  LAX cleats in every foot measurement. They run full size, too small and the size is precise no complaints there. Once you’ll get the right size, you’ll find them very comfortable. While using it felt the foot is a little wide and seems to be wide in the front to not pinch. Which is not bad!

After gathering testing reviews, I can attest to its incredible performance and reliability. Especially these New Balance lacrosse cleats designed for midfielders and defenders like you, The shoe is cushioned all around so no need to break them in. Amazing to avoid new cleat blisters.

The TPU cleat plate delivers unmatched traction, allowing you to dig in and explode off the turf with lightning speed. You can trust this cleat to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay.

New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe

For those intense box lacrosse battles, you need a cleat that can endure the disruption. The New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe is the ultimate weapon to fight the battle on the field providing exceptional ankle support and stability. It’s lightweight and feels like softness on my foot. I’ve put it to the test!

These cleats offer cutting-edge features, exceptional durability, superior traction, and stability lighter in weight it’s an innovation.

They do seem a bit narrow but fit well if you have a slightly wider foot width. And for court use, this is a natural foot shape shoe, but these are next to impossible to find.

These shoes feature a tongueless design, with the upper resembling a sock. Additionally, there are two pads on either side of the Achilles area, all intended to ensure a snug fit for your foot within the shoe.

But don’t just rely on my word. Lacrosse professionals and coaches swear by the Freezelx 2.0 Box. Inside Lacrosse admire its reinforced high-cut collar and strategic overlays, while Lacrosse All Stars praised its Vibram outsole with multi-directional lugs for exceptional traction in tight spaces. This cleat is built to dominate the field.

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General Tips Before Buying Lacrosse Cleats

Every cleat can provide a range of game-changing benefits, but every foot is different. So, consider your comfort when trying on cleats. Make sure to try on a full range and consider which one is most comfortable for you.

Perfect Size Cut

Your cleat size should track closely to your normal shoe size, but the fit should be snug. So, if you’re between sizes, go down and edge toward the smaller size. When you’re looking for cleats, start by considering the ankle cut. There’s a low-cut cleat for the most flexibility and a lighter cleat for a little bit more speed. For low cut, you can consider New Balance Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Cleats. But if you’re looking for more support and protection, you might want to consider a high-cut cleat that goes a little bit higher up on your ankle. If you’re looking for a combination of those two benefits, for a moderate amount of flexibility and support, you might want to try a mid-cleat for a hybrid of those benefits.

The Material

Most lacrosse cleats are made of synthetic material. Look for one that is comfortable and form-fitting. Lacrosse cleats generally have a more flexible upper than most other sports, for maximum flexion at the toes. Some feature targeted mesh for maximum ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. With any cleat, the most important part is the outsole, which is the bottom of the shoe where the cleats or studs are strategically placed to provide more traction on the field. In lacrosse, you’ll see plastic cleats or studs, as metal cleats and studs are prohibited.

Know your Playing Field

Some cleats feature a specifically designed plate on the outsole of the shoe that includes many more spikes, some even around the midsole of the cleat, to help players with frequent rapid lateral movements. Many players choose to wear cleats whether playing on natural grass or artificial turf because artificial turf today is softer and meant to better emulate a natural grass field. But some players do have to go with a turf shoe instead of cleats or spikes. They have a rubber mold on the bottom, more similar to athletic shoes, offering a responsive feel.

Properly chosen lacrosse cleats can make all the difference when you hit the field. Now that you know what to look for, we’re ready to gear up for the season and take on the field confidently.

Can you wear New Balance Lacrosse cleats for football?

Soccer cleats such as New Balance can be a suitable choice for casual and school-level lacrosse players, offering decent traction on grass or turf surfaces. However, they lack ankle protection and a front stud, making them less ideal for high-level lacrosse play. For serious players and enhanced performance, specialized lacrosse cleats are recommended due to their superior support, traction, and safety features.


By conducting research and trying out the products ourselves, we’ve provided you with an honest review of the top New Balance lacrosse cleats for enhanced turf performance. These cleats have received the best reviews from trusted authorities and have proven their worth in the field. If you’re looking for soccer cleats check out the best soccer cleats for wide feet

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