5 Best NEW BALANCE Trail Running Shoes

With a long history spanning back to 1906, New Balance has made a reputation for itself in the athletic footwear business. This is also true of their line of trail running shoes, including the popular and highly regarded New Balance trail running shoes. The company has established itself as a leading brand for trail runners all over the world by fusing cutting-edge technology with top-notch craftsmanship and a dedication to giving athletes the most excellent equipment.

new balance trail running shoes

Why New Balance Shoes Are Better For Trail Runners?

New Balance’s trail shoe selection is modest when compared to other companies, notably trail-oriented shoemakers like Salomon, ON Running, and Inov-8. But that doesn’t imply that these shoes are less effective. If you already enjoy the NB company’s road shoes, that’s one reason to give New Balance some thought. You can generate a comparable running experience off paved surfaces because the brand employs the same midsole cushioning foams in both its road and trail versions (more on those later).

new balance trail running shoes comparison

Added cause to buy New Balance products? It has inexpensive trail shoes, like the Fresh Foam Garoé below, which are excellent if you want to make a smaller initial investment.

5 Best New Balance Trail Running Shoes 

New Balance  Men’s Trail Running Shoes: 

New balance men's fresh foam more trail V2New balance men's fresh foam more trail V2

New Balance Men’s On budget Trail Running Shoe:

New balance men's fresh foam tempo V1 Running shoeNew balance men's fresh foam tempo V1 Running shoe

New Balance Women’s Trail Running Shoe:

 New balance women's fresh foam more V3 trail running shoeNew balance women's fresh foam more V3 running shoe

New Balance Trail  Running Shoes For Adults:

New Balance Men's 510 V5 Trail Running ShoeNew Balance Men's 510 V5 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance’s best consideration for Men’s and Women’s Trail Running Shoes and every type:

New balance men's women fresh foam x 1080  V12 Running shoeNew balance men's women fresh foam x 1080  V12 Running shoe

New Balance Men’s Trail  Running Shoes

New balance men’s fresh foam more trail

Fresh Foam is a unique piece of shoe wear, such as the new balance trail running shoes, and can be demanded as one of the impressive personality styles once you wear them. These are synthetic and mesh-styled rubber soles for your best running. 

New balance men's fresh foam more trail V2


Manufacturing:  These shoes are manufactured in the USA  providing the customer with high quality to put the best impact on the market and industries. 

Cushioning: It emphasizes top-class cushioning material that would not hurt your feet or hot your feet to make you feel for escape. Take the maximum inner and outer cushioning from these men’s trail running shoes.

Department: Men’s but also available for women with the same point of view. 


Fresh foam dimensions rely on between 12.7 x 7.9  x 4.5 inches; and 3.05 pounds. It has enough room not to hit your toe the front of the way down hills or else higher altitudes locations. You can wear it all the time and can choose it for every occupational activity, business organization, and other social situation as they project a handsome impression of one. When you look good, you perform better out of wholesome confidence. It has nice padding around the ankle to guard it against sharp and uneven surfaces. It’s the mastermind of thicker and heavier cushioning. 

Comfortability and fit

The shoes acquire comfortability alike you are stepping your feet on a soft mattress. Its midsole and stack height are good enough with a more stable position. When first i unpacked the shoes, I was only worried about their comfortable place. First I just felt New Balance trail running shoes good from my hands, it was as softer as the creamy hands. After using them I was even more convinced to invest my all cash in fresh foam models.

It fits friendly to your feet as I have popped a research problem of upper fit, but the classic upper of fresh foam is nice and feels like one of its known characteristics. It is not permeable and does not let any heat and other pointy materials hit the fit which ensures its comfortableness and best fit. The New Balance trail running shoes will be according to your arch and soul so don’t worry about wider feet too. 

Speed and responsiveness

It’s Squashy and bouncy foam allows a good speed with increasing responsiveness in every event. It’s not only the good part of midsole and insole but it assures durability that allows 100% stability to run. The heated part of your feet and toes will resist by wearing fresh foam. The ride is soft but does not sink or wet your feet which can be a turning-off point for many trail runners. The responsiveness of this product is maximized especially when you are running on a trail as these are specified for trail running eventually. 


No doubt we have seen and experienced shoes that are too voracious and sensitive to hilly and pointy areas of the universe that assist you to run off running. The trail runners wearing such shoes worry about acquiring this talent again and next. New Balance trail running shoes, specifically designed for rugged terrains, bring a new level of confidence and comfort to trail runners. Fresh Foam has brought its outstanding models to this type of anxiety and provides protection that won’t beat your toe to the rocks, it won’t burn your feet fingers, and ankles due to long hours running. For trail runners, this protection is quite advisable with impressionistic guarding and defensive.


Provides Cushioning  without loss of energy

Simply very fresh

Durable foam

100% stability

Higher speed

Nice amount of bounce 

Carries good weight



Does not include full size

New Balance Men’s budget Trail Running Shoe

New balance men’s fresh foam tempo V1 Trail running shoe

New balance men's fresh foam tempo V1 trail Running shoe

Fresh Foam is indicating by itself a very new and friendly foam placed inside the shoe to guarantee your trail running as the best running exposure when wearing them. 


Manufacturing: It is constructed with 50%  synthetic rubber sole, and 50% mesh, and manufactured in the USA. 

Modernized midsole technology: The New Balance Tempo V1 trail running shoe has modern technology of the best cushioning and enhancive pattern of the midsole to deliver precise plushness, of course where you need it. 

Department: It is specified for Men but is also available for women with the same reviews. 


Okay no need to stretch the other points, when we talk of the impression of New Balance trail running shoes, specifically the fresh foam Tempo V1, these shoes are insanely beautiful and determine a handsome view on your mind of yours as well as your surroundings. The first look at somebody’s appearance is on your shoes. The onlookers must have a quality compliment for your beginning and this you can achieve by wearing tempo V1, the tempo’s midsole looks more substantial than others. These shoes are advanced in their colors, attractive outer design, and influenced inner wearing. You can consider them for your all–in–one wearing list and can style them with multiple outfit designs. Its heel is around 24 mm and 18 mm in the forefoot.

Comfortability and fit

New Balance Tempo V1 offers strategic comfort and support when going on trail running or for other interests. The fit of your toe and heel seeks to be perfect in the shoe. You won’t get tired as they have enough room space for every shape. It does not compromise your comfort, the fresh foam lying in it is so messy it makes you feel like heaven and less burdened. These are lighter and an engineered mesh upper crafted with embroidery gives such performance running shoes and building a custom-like fit. It advances the stability from heel to forefoot. 

Speed and responsiveness

As these new balanced trail running shoes weigh lighter and do not exert much force to run, their lightweight progress is speed and responsiveness. It won’t pressurize your feet and does not require a twicer of blood circulation around your feet region. The blood then circulates equally throughout the gross body so it will expand your functioning to run and grow the response for trail runners. It is designed to moralize you push your best and help you vibe swiftly on your feet. 


Defensiveness is a significant concern for every trail runner but the new balance trail running shoe fresh foam Tempo V1 adheres to us with whole protections and does not let your feet tire by experiencing a breakdown on each step. These trail running shoes are an ally to your feet from every hitten thing and contain a vast selection of protection and stability in these. It will give you a preservable ride because of the special cushioned technology of it. 


Great ground feel

Secure lockdown with comfortable upper

High flexibility 

Insanely reflectivity

Feek smooth


The high collar may irritate you. 

New Balance Women’s Trail Running Shoe

NB women’s fresh foam more V3 running shoe

New balance fresh foam V3 trail running shoes are neutral containing high cushioned background. The max cushioned shoes are intended to be considered as highly specialized needs for comfort out of curiosity. 

 New balance women's fresh foam more V3 trail running shoe


Manufacturing: New balance trail running shoes in the women’s category are manufactured in the USA and engineered with lace–up closure design. 

Material: It comprehends with a rubber sole material with fresh foam midsole cushioning which is way too smushy and feels like a furry part of a bear. This product is revolving around an outstanding material of manufactured process. 

Department: availability for women generation of any developmental year but also appears for men with the same benefits and reviews. 


Its first impression appears with classy packaging in an aesthetic shoe box. After disclosing it, you implement an image of multiple colors displayed on the shoe. For the color you have chosen let’s suppose you purchased a white running shoe, the spectator will view it as two shaded white; Pure White/Off-White combination on the upper region to the back forth, and front. The soul of the shoe will be in white-pinkish foam which is as fascinating as your lover’s every smile. Haha, apart from jokes simply I want to describe the impression of the shoe by amplifying your favorite thing occupied on your mind. There will be a capital N printed on your shoe that attributes the symbolization of New Balance. The heel section is broad at 4mm and easy to wear. 

Comfortability and fit

The benefits offered by New Balance trail running shoes, specifically the max cushioned are acknowledged as the running spectrum. The fresh foam extends a mile’s run that’s how it is intensified comfortably. It secures your long nails from the breakup as the women raised many issues coupled with the problem. They get their nails done but wearing shoes or energizing themselves by running will be repercussed as breaking nails or hurting toes. These shoes recommend a preserved fit according to your foot size and put forward a good level of comfort to content you in every way. 


Freshfoam new balance V3 delivers a new long ride with ultramarathoning cushioning midsole and insole. Wider foot applies underfoot cushioning to more precise areas of the foot and has balancing flexibility with pure ankle support and protection. The mesh upper is engineered with a zonal hold-up that is effective for your feet and represents good breathability. These shoes are surprisingly consistent to wear. 

Suitable for

V3 fresh foam is best for trail runners to enjoy soft and well-cushioned running that inherits the best assistance. It’s best for moderate paces and a regular running routine. 


Smooth transitions

Pillowy soft

Lightweight shoe

Ultra cushioned

Tremendous color combination 

Vadt color collection

Attraction design


There is no reason to dislike it. 

New Balance Trail  Running Shoes For Adults

New Balance Men’s 510 V5 Trail Running Shoe

People want to buy choices for their adult generation in their homes, we have no limitations on shoes. Here is the best comfortable and friendly product of New Balance trail running shoes for their ease and help. The product for which we have 4.2 stars, is an appropriate option for adults to wear. 

Men's New Balance Trail Running Shoe


Manufacturing: How can the USA stay behind in the production of these incredible products? No doubt USA is the manufacturer of these new balance trail running shoes, forming 100% synthetic and authentic to satisfy the customer’s interests. 

Technology design: It is designed as the knows the technology of providing you utter traction, support stability, and durability for off-road adventures and trail runners. Its applied science is to enhance its reactivity and performance. 

Department: specify for adults but other levels of developmental years can also use them as they are designed for everyone’s ease. 


It’s a top choice for me because just be honest when I saw the shoes, I clicked it and ordered them without thinking about this and that. These shoes are available in hot smart designs that allow me to go to every party and get a lot of compliments. It has a color combination of Black /Vivid Catus that I liked the most, the shoes have fancy deliverance with outstanding packaging. The soul is of Vivid color and above it whole shoe is occupied with black shades. Its dimensions are 12.52 x 7.8 x 4.57 inches; 10.56 ounces. 


As they are specified for adults, these shoes have specifications of ultra cushioning foam to protect from every inch and there is a 0% risk to wear it. They are designed in a way that the rubber sole of the shoe, and the room of the shoe are according to every adult’s preferences.

As we know there are some capabilities and functions in adults that face decline age by age so there is the top pick for adults is New Balance HEIRV2 trail running shoes. Never mind these shoes are also identified for other adolescents and other age levels as these shoes grant good security. 


These shoes require as long runs as you want for your health desires. These shoes never slip and have a qualified strong grip that braces your feet even on concrete surfaces. When rains, these New Balance trail running shoes keep the rain discreet. It is identified as the best long-distance shoe that adapts lightweight, dynamic, exerting less energy and progressive assistance.

Suitable for

These shoes are great for those who walk briskly in the city in winter or summer, these shoes won’t get wet and sweaty as they also hold the feet very well. They fit perfectly so you can wear them on any sharp pointy surface or concrete surface. 


Enough traction

Good room place

Large heel and security

Aesthetically manufactured

Good shoe reputation 

Feels like walking in the air

Weight very light


They have no liability for these amazing trail running shoes.

New Balance’s best consideration for Men’s and Women’s

New balance men’s women fresh foam x 1080  V12 Running shoes

This model of new balance fresh foam runs large and faster than previous models. This model is shaped with many new variations. 

women's new balance trail Running shoes


Manufacturing: New Balance is invented in its manufacturing process USA, the mastermind of all the extremist products. 

Description: 1089V12 is not only best because these are overall shoes for running but also considered the best due to its versatility. The 1080 V2 delivers the top reactivity and functionality to every kind of runner. 

Department: It is specified for both men and women and for every purpose. 


The quality and impression of 1080 V12 are quite impressive. Its outer presentation can easily catch the viewers’ attention. The Fresh foam represents consistent durability that can convince you to buy them on the first trial on first impression. It attributes the model’s signature qualities of every sort of responsiveness. Its colors are very pleasing to the soul and are fresh, when you wear them you feel great walking on the pillowy surface. 


It is sustainable for every environment and its upper is constructed of 50% or more recycled content. Whereas, at least one midsole/outsole material contained a minimum of 3% bio-based and around a percentage of 5 contained recycled content. The hypoknit upper is made to provide strategic areas of hold-up and stretch. 

The upper

The upper of this New Balance trail running shoe is comprised of very shiny leather. Also, is structured by soft mesh engineered to comfortably cradle the foot. It is sure to size for everyone. On the upper, they applied a no-stitch overlay in the midfoot to add composition to the upper and perform well with the lacing closure system to secure your foot and for the best lock up. 

Best Consideration

It is considered the best option for men and women. It’s not only limited to gender but every kind of runner and affair whether you are going for a marathon, for traveling, for Yoga or gymnastics, or wherever else you are going, you can wear them. This reason indicates the best consideration among the population around the universe. 


Comfortable upper

Very well organized structured

Upgrade model than V11

Strong grip

Provides shiny impression

Suitable for every kind of runner and people


Lacked the bounce of V12

Weighs heavier

Expert Tips to Get the Perfect Shoe for Any Terrain

When selecting your next New Balance trail running shoes, there are essential factors to consider: The following elements play a crucial role in making the right choice.

Light Trail Shoes:

For runners transitioning from road to trail, light trail shoes are an excellent option. These shoes offer breathability, similar to road shoes, and provide light traction for hard-packed surfaces and gravel paths. Some models even include a transition zone to accommodate a mix of road and trail running.

Rugged Trail Shoes:

If you frequently run on rough terrains, rugged trail shoes are recommended. With stickier rubber and aggressive lugs, these shoes offer enhanced traction, providing security on gnarlier terrains. The upper part of the shoe provides protection with reinforced toe guards, stability features in the midsole, and a ballistic nylon rock plate for added defense against roots and sharp objects.

Off-Trail Shoes:

For those seeking more adventurous experiences, off-trail shoes are the way to go. These shoes offer additional structure and stability, making them suitable for challenging activities. Reinforcing key areas, including the toe, provides enhanced protection. The sole of these shoes provides sticky traction, ideal for activities like boulder hopping and bushwhacking. They are also popular among backpackers transitioning to trail running, as they offer support while minimizing weight.

What to Think About When Purchasing Shoes For Trail Running

When looking for trail shoes, there are a few essential characteristics to consider.

Cushioning Foams

Shoes with adequate cushioning and support can help absorb impact and provide comfort during long-distance runs on pavement.

Size And Width

It’s essential to put on the right size and breadth of trail running shoes. If the shoes are too huge, you run the chance of suffering a variety of injuries, and they won’t fit at all if they are too small. 

The Way Trail Shoes Fit

To prevent lifting or shifting over uneven terrain, a trail shoe should provide a locked-down feeling in the heel and a snug fit around the midfoot/arch area. Toes should have at least a thumb’s width of room between the end of the shoe and the tip of your forefoot.

Your Trails

What style of New Balance trail running shoes you purchase should depend on the types of trails you intend to run on. 

  • Concrete and unpaved trails: Trails made of concrete and those that aren’t paved are best suited for light trail running shoes, such as the best shoes for walking on concrete.
  • Typical trials: Specialised trail-only shoes are beneficial for more undeveloped but still largely maintained trails, but you don’t require the thickest protection.
  • Rough trails: For debris-filled, wild-like terrain, choose sturdy shoes with thick, padded soles.

To put it mildly, New Balance trail running shoes are extremely sturdy and scream trail-ready. You should not be concerned about the rough terrain because they are protective and grippy.

Terrain And Sole Design Affect Traction.

Conversely, lower-profile outsole lugs are appropriate for less challenging terrain and smooth dirt trails. A shoe with knobby outsole lugs will substantially improve traction on loose dirt, gravel, and sloppy, wet terrain. Look for a shoe with a grippy rubber outsole if you plan to run on trails over pebbles and rocks.


Why do you need new balance shoes for the best trail running experience?

Trail running has special needs, which New Balance is aware of. Shoes that can survive the difficulties while providing comfort and support are necessary because of the rough terrain, fluctuating weather conditions, and unanticipated obstructions.

Their trail running shoes are expertly crafted to meet the particular requirements of off-road runners, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the trails. To avoid any blisters, New Balance uses a no-sew design with a lightweight, breathable mesh top. If you run in a creek or in the rain, it also makes it easy for the water to drain. 

What distinguishes New Balance trail shoes from their road counterparts?

The outsoles are the primary distinction, according to MC. The majority (or the entire) of the bottom of New Balance trail shoes is covered with thicker, more resilient rubber. Additionally, trail outsoles contain deeper lugs (similar to the tread on a mountain bike tire) that dig into mud and lose terrain to improve traction.

Will my New Balance trail running shoes survive for a long time?

How well you handle them and how tough the trails are to run on will determine this. The typical lifespan of a pair of New Balance trail running shoes is 300–500 miles or around 18 months. The best indicators that it’s time to replace your shoes include worn-out treads, the ability to be wrung out, or the onset of aches and pains after jogging.

Can you wear New Balance trail running shoes when hiking?

That depends on the kind of trekking you undertake and the shoes you wear. For a brief walk without any gear, light shoes are more than sufficient, but for up to medium-distance hiking with minimal gear, you need the heaviest and most durable shoes. In any other circumstance, it is advised to purchase a reliable pair of hiking boots such as Keen hiking boots or Oboz hiking boots, which offer excellent support and durability for outdoor adventures.

Who should use New Balance trail shoes?

New Balance trail running shoes are excellent for new runners and those who already enjoy the brand’s road running shoes. The brand’s small selection of trail running shoes won’t be overwhelming for inexperienced runners to sort through, and most of them (with the exception of the Summit Unknown) offer a reasonably cushioned ride that should work for them. In addition, you’ll probably enjoy a trail shoe that makes use of those materials if you already enjoy New Balance’s Fresh Foam or FuelCell cushioning in its road shoes.

Final Words

The appropriate shoes can make all the difference when it comes to trail running. In this regard, New Balance emerges as a standout among its competitors, synonymous with reliable and top-tier performance footwear.

Whether you’re a seasoned trail veteran or a beginner, their selection includes alternatives that will meet your unique needs and give you the confidence to attack the trails.

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