Golf Cart Rear Seats: Top 2 Models For 1995 & Up DIY Installation

When it comes to optimizing your golf cart experience, the addition of rear seats opens up a world of possibilities. Not only do they allow you to accommodate extra passengers comfortably alongside the front seats, but they also prove invaluable for transporting grandkids, kids, or anyone else you wish to take along on your adventures. However, the true marvel of most golf cart rear flip seats lies in their multi-functionality. With a simple flip, they unveil a spacious cargo bed, ideal for carrying groceries, beach essentials, or even assisting with yard work.

Golf cart rear seats

I understand that multiple advertisement campaigns might have seeped into your thoughts, dampening your hopes of identifying the actual good cart seat. We have spotted some models that clearly outperform sponsored products in terms of both price and quality. Beyond that, the quality control in cart seats companies leaves a lot to be desired but this is not the case with the featured products below.

GTW MACH3 EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit (For 1995 & Up)

GTW MACH3 EZGO TXT is a stealing backseat kit for Club Car President. The seat is pretty good quality and sturdy. Its performance is nothing short of remarkable. The kit maintains exceptional stability and balance even when carrying a full load of passengers and cargo. The smooth flip mechanism of the seats and the reliable latch system further add to its performance-oriented design.

From a safety perspective, this kit incorporates sturdy safety grab bars and safety belts for each passenger, ensuring they remain securely in place during transit. This commitment to safety reassures golf cart owners and promotes a sense of confidence in their choice of accessory.

Installation Process

The instructions included with the GTW rear flip seat kit are very thorough and colorful. However, if you aren’t knowledgeable in building something, I wouldn’t try to tackle it as a first project. But, if you occasionally turn a few bolts, you’ll figure it out pretty easily. The instructions show a good step-by-step process to put it together, but as others stated, the hardware bags could be labeled better.

As long as you read each step carefully and multiple times, you can pretty much infer what it’s talking about. Regarding bolt selection, you’ll need to rely on practical wisdom since explicit guidance is lacking. You’ll require sockets, wrenches, and screwdrivers. With standard hand tools and minimal effort, you can transform your EZGO TXT golf cart into a versatile vehicle.

Price Point

With the quality package we get, the EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear seat is fairly affordable. The best part is that if you can install it while reading the directions, you’ll save hundreds of dollars over what a golf cart shop charged us for parts and installation.

Performance Plus Carts EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip (For 1995 and Up)

The GTW MACH3 EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kit is a remarkably sturdy product, and it impressively stands up to heavy use.

The aluminum tread plate, while not the thickest, serves its purpose by preventing items from sliding around during transportation. Its design flawlessly complements the existing front seat, giving the golf cart a perfect look. It folds down to make it a utility bed.

Installation Process

Assembling the Performance Plus Golf cart rear seat becomes a fairly clear and descriptive straightforward process when following the instructions and using a bit of common sense. The tubing’s bends may not be precise, but the slotted holes and the option to leave bolts loose during installation make it an easy task with minimal effort.

Price Point

Considering the price you can’t ask much more out of this kit. It proves to be sturdy enough for various uses. This seat remains strong enough to support adult users without any bending or twisting issues. It is very economical with exceptional durability, making the prospect of needing the change the seat anytime soon appears gloomy.

As an added bonus, when folded down as a shelf, the seat provides a solid aluminum diamond plate surface capable of securely holding cargo—not like the floppy plastic/rubber ones. The handle’s appearance in the picture may give the impression of thinness and weakness, but in reality, it is a double rail running up to support the seat when folded down, ensuring its durability and practicality.

How to Install Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat

The Instructions with golf cart rear seats are very vague. They do a poor job explaining a lot of the steps. The instructions that come with golf cart rear seats can be frustratingly vague, leaving many of us scratching our heads during the installation process. Here are clear and detailed step-by-step instructions to help you seamlessly install your golf cart’s rear flip seat.

Step 1: Preparing for Installation

Begin by organizing the components included in the kit: the footrest, two footrest brackets, seat back support, two armrests, bumper, six hardware packs, two lean back brackets, two seat back brackets, two main seat frame brackets, two rear struts, seat frame, and two cushions. Additionally, gather essential tools, such as a cordless drill, a 17-millimeter gear wrench, a 17-millimeter socket, a 10-millimeter socket, and a number three Phillips tip. Prepare your golf cart by removing the top, rear struts, bumper, and all factory rear hardware.

Step 2: Installing the Bumper

Use two bolts from hardware pack one to securely attach the bumper. Tighten the bolts to ensure a stable foundation.

Step 3: Seat Frame and Back Brackets

Mount the seat back brackets to the backside of your seat using the factory hardware. Then, utilize the 8-millimeter hardware from pack number one to attach the main seat frame brackets to the cart. Make sure to tighten all bolts for stability and safety.

Step 4: Attaching the Footrest

Attach the footrest using the remaining hardware from pack number one. Secure it firmly to guarantee comfort during rides.

Step 5: Armrests Installation

Place the seat back support bar on the frame and proceed to attach the armrests. Use the Phillips head bolts and a 70-millimeter bolt from pack three for this step. Hand-tighten initially and remember to use spacers on the top. We’ll tighten all nuts later to ensure a perfect fit.

Step 6: Footrest Brackets and Lean Back Cushion

Secure the footrest brackets to the footrest with hand-tightening using hardware from pack number three. Next, attach the lean back brackets to the lean back cushion using hardware from pack number four. Be meticulous with the split washer and flat washer arrangement before tightening.

Step 7: Rear Struts

Attach the lean back to the seat back support using 45-millimeter bolts from hardware pack five. Ensure the seat back support brackets are positioned correctly over the lean back brackets. Secure all previously hand-tightened hardware.

Step 8: Seat Bottom

With the hardware from pack six and a number three Phillips tip, attach the seat bottom to the flip seat. Additionally, punch a hole in the strap and attach it to the seat bottom.

Step 9: Reattaching the Top

Reattach the top to complete the installation process.

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