PSL Will collide with the IPL in 2025. PCB discloses their FTP

PSL will collide with the Indian Premier League in 2025. Pakistan cricket board disclose their future tour program for the 2022-27 season. PCB is all set to host big international cricket teams in their upcoming home schedule. Champion trophy 2025 is also included in their bucket list. wherever more likely Pakistan super league will be the first league to collide with IPL.

Pakistan Super League is been in the headlines since 2016 when PCB launch its first domestic international tournament. All the editions of the association were successful. It is the only domestic league after IPL where all the international cricketers participate. Now crew grabs the attention again by set to feature head-to-head with IPL in 2025.

Pakistan cricket future tour program
Pakistan Discloses its FTP cycle for 2025

Due to the packed home season, Pakistan has to manage its domestic leagues. The only window that PCB has to feature head-to-head with the world’s biggest league IPL.


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How PSL 2025 can collide with the Indian Premier League

Pakistan is set to host Champion Trophy 2025 in February which will affect their domestic league(PSL).
Pakistan super league usually has two months window between February to March. On the other hand, the Indian Premier League will have three months window each year. According to BCCI IPL will feature in mid of march to the beginning of June every year. In this way, Pakistan super league will directly bang into the Indian Premier League in 2025.

IPL/PSL who can get affected?

Both leagues have their own brand values and identity. Both Leagues have invested millions of dollars to establish themselves as the world’s top league If we compare both leagues will get an idea of which brands gonna suffer more

Main HighlightsIPLPSL
First Edition20082016
Total Number of Team106
Budget for 202290 crore INR36 crore INR
Revenue708 crore INR89 crore INR
Prize Money20 crore INR4.3 crore INR
Detail comparison of IPl and PSL

What if both leagues get head-to-head at the same time?

Challenge for PSL

As the matter of fact, the Indian Premier League is a much more established league as compared to Pakistan super league. IPL and PSL will be set to feature in 2025 in their 18th and 10th addition respectively.No doubt there will be challenges for PSL if they get to head with IPL. The main challenge would be to make sure of the availability of top international cricketers for their franchises.

Challenge for IPL

Surprisingly IPL can also be affected by PSL in terms of viewership because a lot of Pakistani will follow PSL at that time. On a lighter note, some international players may prefer PSL. The reason is the short number of matches. PSL has just a month and a half window for the tournament. While the Indian Premier League has a long three-month window for tournaments.


Since we are living in a franchise cricket era, there is always space for every league to grow. IPL and PSL both leagues have been successful in their all additions. We can expect they won’t affect each other. After that year PSL will continue to feature in February

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