Virat Kohli is set to add a new Bat to his armory in Asia cup 2022

Indian batter Virat Kohli who has been struggling with form since 2019 will add a new weapon to his armory this year. The right-handed batsman will be using a new Gold Wizard limited edition in Asia Cup 2022. The special Gold wizard bat will be sponsored by the tire manufacturing company, MRF. However, The legendary batsman has been spotted hitting the ball hard in net sessions during the ongoing Asia Cup. His new bat of Gold Wizard is slightly different than his previous one.

New Gold Wizard Bat Specifications

Former Indian Captain Virat Kohli has been using MRF grand edition for the past 8 years. The weight of his bat was 1.05kg. The light weight helped him to use his quick hands to reach the ball. Now due to his ongoing lean patch, he is considering slight modifications to his tools.

The new edition of gold Wizard is consist of 1.13kg which is slightly heavier than his previous bat. It is specially designed for Asian conditions. In Asian countries, you need to hit the ball hard to clear the fence, that’s why the heavier bat is used by players.


Virat Kohli about his batting form

The former no.1 cricket player now going through the worst phase of his cricketing career. He couldn’t able to add a century to his 70 tons since November 2019. In a recent interview, Virat Kohli breaks the silence about his batting form he claimed: ” he is not worried about his inability of not score runs”. The heroic batsman also admitted he didn’t touch the bat during one month’s break.

With the ongoing Asia Cup, this could be a huge opportunity for Virat to get his groove back. Probably the new weapon of Virat Kohli will bring some good performances that he badly needed. Overall, Kohli’s career has been marked by numerous successes and impressive performances. He has proven himself as a formidable batsman and a valuable member of the national team. While he may be going through a difficult phase at the moment, there is no doubt that he has the talent and determination to bounce back and regain his peak form. The Asia Cup could be a crucial turning point for Kohli and could potentially lead to some memorable performances from the heroic batsman.

Here we write an article about Virat Kohli and how this tournament can help him to get his peak back.

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