5 reasons why India vs Pakistan cricket match is important

The India vs Pakistan clash is scheduled to take place on 28 August(Sunday) for the 2022 Asia Cup. The cricket match between India and Pakistan is the most anticipated contest for cricket lovers. The clash between India and Pakistan is always thrilling and worth watching. whenever these two Asian giants collide in sports the whole world follows. What makes Pakistan vs India cricket match so special? Why this match will be the most important clash in Asia cup 2022? There are reasons why India Pakistan cricket match is important. we’ll discuss 5 big reasons why this game is so important. Let’s discuss the importance of the Indo-Pak clash in the Asia cup 2022.

1. reason for the Huge Fan Following during the clash

The last cricket match between India and Pakistan held 24th of October 2021 reached more than 167 million people. That was the most viewed T20 cricket match in the history of cricket. Cricket is one of the most followed sports in both countries. If we talk about India more than 100 million people of its entire population just follow cricket. This population represents 90 percent of the total cricket sports fans. And if we look at the figure of Pakistan considering the fan following towards cricket the report will amaze you. According to a Gallup Pakistan survey, more than 50% people of in Pakistan take interest in sports. Out of it, 38% of people follow cricket. These are the huge numbers of cricket fans which is why India Pakistan cricket match is essential for cricket fertility

On-going Asia cup 2022 will be held in Dubai international stadium, fans are already excited about this game. High expectations from the fans across the countries.

pakistan vs india head to head in asia cup
India vs Pakistan head to head in Asia cup

Head-to-head record

Match playedIndia WonPakistan wonDraw
India vs Pakistan head to head in Asia cup

2. India versus Pakistan battle is a Confidence Booster

The second reason why India vs Pakistan match is important is that it helps players to get their groove back. If we look at the Pakistani and Indian squads announced for the Asia cup 2022. Most players are young and at the beginning of their cricketing careers. As we mentioned above the whole world will be watching these young players. With everyone’s eyes on the arch contest between India and Pakistan, the stage will be set to showcase their talent. Just one good performance can fade away all previous bad performances in their entire cricketing career.


In the previous, t20 world cup when Pakistan defeat India they become unstoppable because they gain confidence. We have seen players emerging from stars to superstars after having just one good performance in that game of cricket.

3. Practice for the upcoming T20 WorldCup

Asia cup 2022 is considered to be part of the practice campaign for the upcoming T20 World Cup. The T20 world cup will take place in Australia in October 2022. There will be hardly one month window after the Asia cup. This is a great opportunity for the Asian team to get prepare for a mega event. while keeping the t20 world cup in mind this match can play a vital role to get preparing for the T20 Mega Event.

In the previous clash in T20 WorldCup 2021 between India and Pakistan, Pakistan had come up with the winning tag. In that match, Pakistan was led by Babar Azam and won by 10 wickets. That defeat will be in the mind of the Indian cricket camp with the ongoing Asia cup match. Indeed the win is important for both teams to get their morale high. The winning team will get the psychological advantage that would be carried out for the upcoming T20 world cup.

4. India vs Pakistan match is Exclusive

How often do we get a chance to watch the Pakistan_India cricket match in a year and so? The answer must be “Rarely”. Cricket fans are keen to watch that contest but there are no bilateral series between India and Pakistan. Due to political instability, they only play matches in ICC Events.

Whenever India and Pakistan tangle each other the whole world watches them. The quality of cricket is always on the rise.

5. The Cricket match is a way of entertainment

Pakistan vs India is more than just a match. There is passion, a strong fan following, entertainment for fans, and historical arch rivalry. people love watching contests between India and Pakistan. Every new clash breaks the record of previous ratings. India vs Pakistan sports match is considered to be a festival in the subcontinent when they collide

We have seen unforgettable moments while India vs Pakistan cricket match. Sometimes players tangle each other in heat of the moment and that is just the beauty of the game. They fight in the field but are very good friends off the field.

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