Theragun Elite vs Pro: Which Theragun model is worth it? 

Theragun Elite vs Pro” is a hot topic of discussion among health clubs, athletes, fitness influencers, researchers, and physiotherapists.

Massager machines are perpetually spreading their importance worldwide, and Theragun has become one of the best massage guns on the market. People are eager to know the differences between the two models and how beneficial they are. Therefore, take a minute to scroll down and learn about the amazing features of both the Theragun Elite and Pro devices.

The Origins of Theragun Devices

Theragun Devices

In previous years, the Theragun massager was invented by Dr. Jason Wersland in 2008 after a traumatic motorcycle incident that resulted in debilitating pain. He conducted extensive research to find a cure for his pain, and unknowingly and fortunately, his search succeeded with a makeshift tool that worked. Thus, this was a mother invention that has had an incredible impact around the world, helping people from all walks of life with chronic pain, gym rats, and muscle soreness.

Theragun Elite Review

The Theragun Elite is the best percussive massage gun, featuring advanced sound insulation. It provides a deep massage that can help alleviate your weaknesses. The Elite model is 75% quieter than other models, meaning it won’t cause headaches or other disturbances related to biological functions. It has made a strong impression on spectators and is introduced with multiple attachment heads that are compatible with each other’s features and standards.

Theragun Elite Review


We offer the Theragun Elite with various excellent features and specifications that have an incredible output around the world.


The Theragun Elite shares an expensive feature of Bluetooth compatibility with the Therabody app for guidance. You can connect your mind and body for extreme training sessions.


The weight of the Elite is relatively light and less burdensome. It’s 2.2 pounds, so it’s pretty easy to use. The dimensions are 9.5 inches by 6.7 inches by 2.0 inches wide.


The Quietforce technology apprehends Qx65 brushless motor.


The battery is an internal lithium-ion and charges up to a maximum of 120 minutes with the advanced benefit of a wireless charging cable.


  • It regulates your sleep and other homeostasis processes and would prevent you from weak development and human agency.
  • It will provide you with a fresh mind, free from any psychopathologies, improve your range of motion, and enhance your state of awareness.


  • It has less battery life compared to the Theragun Pro version.
  • It does not contain head attachments for sore areas.

Theragun Pro Review

The Pro is one of the best massage guns currently available in the market. It offers the same benefits as the Elite but with some extraneous advantages. The device activates your muscles and decision-making processes and improves many other brain functions for better processing. It also enhances the clearance of lactic acid and increases the size and connections of your neurons.

Theragun Pro Review



The Pro shares the same Elite smart technology, including Bluetooth compatibility with the app. There are three preset routines that you can program into the device using the OLED screen. The device comes pre-programmed with one routine, which can be accessed by pressing the left and right arrows.


The Pro’s large professional motor makes it weigh 2.9 pounds. Its measurements are 10 inches by 7.1 inches by three inches wide.


It features quiet force technology with EQ-150 professional brushless motor.


Theragun Pro has a longer battery life, satisfying everybody’s preferences for maximum battery life. The Pro can run for up to 300 minutes in a single charge and comes with a lavish safety case.


Theragun Pro is as crucial to an individual’s body as food to an individual’s stomach. It melts your tensions by keeping you away from external triggering stimuli. 

It increases the blood flow and lymphatic flow, breaks up your scar tissues, and glows your skin up every morning.

Theragun Pro is widely popular among massage guns for cellulite.


  • It carries a loud voice not pleasurable to the ears and you can’t run it in rabble places, as the public may get harmed. 
  • Pricey. 
  • It feels pretty heavy on your hands and this identifies its hearty construction.


When it comes to attachment heads, the comparison between Theragun Elite vs Pro is worth noting. Both models feature one-to-one amazing heads that can be manually fit to any model. This means that regardless of whether you choose the Theragun Elite or Pro, you’ll have access to a good number of attachment categories.


1- Considering your needed part to be massaged initially. 

2- Put your hands on the targeted attachment head and specify their functions and contributions. 

3- Replace the naturally linked attachment with the desired one. 

  Each attachment with its coupled specifications is listed below. To help you with regards to the selection of attachments outlined with its impact. don’t fluctuate your attention. 


A dampener attachment is just an overall use attachment for any part of the body. It is a little bit softer foam attachment so you won’t get hurt. The hard stuff is vicious for our sensitive body parts. It is an absolutely admired feature of having different personalized attachments styled for different parts of your body. 


Wedge attachment works great for the shoulder blades or your IT bands if you are going to do scraping or flushing, this is the appropriate choice to use. Again it’s a firmer rubber but a little bit firmer than the dampener. 

Theragun Standard ball attachment

Afterward, we have a standard ball attachment which is an overall and complete use of large and small muscle groups. 


We have a thumb attachment which is designed for sharp and trigger point areas. Additionally, we can use it anywhere on the body, you have to avoid bony areas with this. 


In Theragun Elite vs Pro, there is an existence of cone attachment which is for more pinpoint spots typically on your hands or your feet. 

theragun super soft ATTACHMENT

Theragun Pro integrates the same five attachments but it coordinates the extra sixth head attachment known as Super soft, especially for sensitive and sore areas.

Theragun Elite vs Pro: Similarities

When it comes to comparing, the Theragun elite and pro massage guns share a lot of similarities.

Patented Triangle Design

Both Theragun Pro and Elite feature Theragun’s patented triangle design, which allows for easy access to all areas of your body. With the ability to reach up to 80% of your body, the Standard Grip, also known as the Universal Grip, is versatile and effective for muscle relief.

Base Grip

The Base Grip is another similarity between the Theragun Pro and Elite models. This grip is perfect for exercising your legs without having to bend down or lift your upper body, making it a comfortable and convenient option for lower body relief.

Reverse Grip

The third and last grip is the Reverse Grip, which is perfect for targeting your back and shoulder regions without any harsh efforts. This grip eliminates hand and arm tightness, making it a comfortable and effective option for relief.

Ergonomic Design

Both the Theragun Pro and Elite feature an ergonomic design that sets them apart from traditional massage guns. With a comfortable and easy-to-use grip, these massage guns are designed to provide maximum relief and minimize discomfort during use.


When it comes to portability, both the Theragun Elite and Pro devices are adjustable and handheld, making them easy to travel with.

Dissimilarities between Theragun Pro and Elite

Motor and Stall Rating

The Theragun Pro has a bigger professional-grade motor, allowing it to have a 60 pounds (27 kg) stall rating. A stall rating essentially refers to how hard you can press against the machine before you stall the motor. In comparison, the Elite has a 40 pounds (18 kg) stall rating. However, it should be noted that the previous Pro models have been improved with better versions.

Noise Level

The Pro is a bit louder than the Elite due to its bigger motor. It sounds like a drill machine with a noise level of 60 decibels, while the Theragun Elite produces a friendly and light noise level of 55 decibels.

Attachment Head

Both devices come with two little ball bearings lined up inside the attachment head, and you can easily pull off the attached cone and use any other attachment based on your needs.

Massage Arm Position

The Theragun Elite is fixed with the massage arm in the targeted position, whereas the Pro has four different positions you can maneuver the arm into, making it easier to reach awkward positions around your body. However, both devices are adjustable and handheld, making them easy to travel with, especially for people who suffer from travel sickness and jet lag and may need a massage to relieve muscle tension at any given time.

Theragun Elite vs Pro: which massage gun is best? 

Not wasting anybody’s time or exaggerating, reviewing both massage guns – the Theragun Elite vs Pro – has resulted in finding one of the best handheld percussive massagers. No doubt, it’s the inspirational generation of the Theragun body. If you’re considering a purchase, it’s worth comparing the Theragun Elite vs Pro models to make an informed decision. Proceeding with the general and honest decision to select a desirable Theragun massage gun, either the Theragun Elite or Pro, both are equally important and progressively advancing in this fast-paced world.

If you are comparing the Theragun Elite vs Pro, you’ll find that both models have their standpoints and advantages. However, if you are looking for a more powerful motor with a rotating arm that can reach every part of your body, along with a sturdy carry case, and you want to take your demanding fitness routine to the next level, then the choice for you would be the Theragun Pro. The Pro model incorporates the latest technological advancements in the industry, making it ideal for endurance athletes, powerlifters, or anyone who is working on their muscle fitness. Additionally, the Theragun Pro comes with an extra head attachment designed for sensitive areas, allowing individuals with soreness or bruises to still benefit from this vibratory equipment by using the super soft head attachment.


Some precautions, and care for Theragun massage guns are instructed. Better to act upon them to get off the place full of your own thoughts and ease. We strive to make this body as safe as possible. This is an innovative technological tool with a lot of components, hence need to take good care of it. 

1- Adjust power Before Using

Do not direct contact the Theragun while it is started, first manage its speed and power so that it would not cynical or harm you. 

2- Treating way

Treat your every muscle group with a minimum of 15 sec to a maximum of 2 minutes. Don’s provide over vibrations per group to resist injury and bleeding danger. 

3- Choose the right attachment:

Choose the accurate attachment for the identified body part. Let’s suppose using cone attachment on your sensitive or sore areas will emphasize injury because cone attachment is for pinpoint spots. Be careful while selecting and using them in treating areas. 

4- Don’t rush

Don’t go eagerly to use it over your body, cover your body utterly in a relaxed position and calm state. Tend to attain attention to tight areas.

5- Prevent abdomen and neck

Don’t go directly on the abdomen, neck, or spine region. Use it over soft contractile tissues so it will end up in a more effective manner. 

6- Don’t overdo it in the same position

Try not to vibrate your one treating area twice or thrice, move it gently in a circular position for the tendency of better-vibrating oscillations so it will improve the patient’s quality of life and health well-being. 

6- Don’t overdo it in the same position

Do not let the vent be full of dust, lint, hair, or anything from the external environment. Obligate the motor from any hindrance that may lessen airflow. 

8- Do not separate the battery while Theragun is on

While the Theragun is in action and thrusts enough pressure, do not pull off its battery other wise it will explode, collapse, or might be deteriorated. Keep it in rest motion to take off the battery for any check. 

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