Have you ever wondered, what are the challenges that female cricketers face becoming cricketers in Pakistan? why, a woman despite having all the capabilities, talent, and flair does not get the equal number of opportunities as a male cricketer? What makes a woman struggle twice or thrice times harder than a man to achieve a particular goal? Especially in a country like Pakistan or India, The challenges for women’s cricket badly need to be addressed. On top of that, the discouragement that women face in pursuing their passion or their career in a professional manner is quite evident. Every 6 out of 10 women cricketers have to let go of their passion just to comply with certain societal or cultural standards. This article includes all those topics which must be discussed in challenges for women playing cricket in Pakistan.

challenges for women cricket

Challenges for Women cricket

What exactly are the challenges that women face to play cricket in Pakistan? If you are a Women’s cricket aficionado, you must know about Women’s Cricket and the challenges faced by her in Pakistan. Becoming a Women Cricketer is itself a bigger challenge for any lady. She all not enough strong to go through these tough hardships.


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Just like any other profession, sports, especially cricket played by women lack the desired opportunities. Cricket in Pakistan is given a lot of importance and much of the audience’s emotions, and attachment is devised to this particular sport. Unfortunately, despite having a lot of talent, the female cricket team is not yet able to gain much attention. Some of the factors contributing to the ignorance being posed to women in Cricket are discussed below. Let you introduce some basic and major challenges which every woman faces if they want to earn glory and polish their career.

Pressure from society

It is a hard nut to crack if you want to be a Women Cricketer in Pakistan. You have to face many hardships and puzzling thoughts which become the barrier to your dreams to stop them from flourishing and polishing yourself as a strong cricketer. The world is almost in the mid of the 21st century. It has advanced in terms of culture, norms, and society as a whole. What has prevailed in the subcontinent is the biasedness towards the female gender. A woman is still expected to be more home-bound, or only be doing activities that they call gender specific. Sports, like cricket, have never been considered to be a woman’s job. They discourage it by keeping the pay scale low for women cricketers. Although with recent reforms and gaslighting the issues, incentives have been revised. They still cannot be compared with the men’s cricket teams.

Family Concerns About Cricket

All in all, if you are a woman and want to be a cricketer. The first biggest challenge is to satisfy your family about what you select to become in life. Your dream depends upon your parents. That is, they allow you to play on the ground or they refuse and stop you from dreaming of yourself as a cricketer. The family allowance Is necessary as they work as a support system and backbone for you. Family support gives you enough power to go through any other hardships which do not let you grow your career as a cricketer.

Discouraged on the grass root level

In general observation, have you ever noticed girls playing cricket on school grounds, community parks, random streets, or playgrounds? This is the basis on which the future of women’s cricket lies. Being discouraged on the grass root level means no interschool or inter-district matches. For women to succeed in international-level cricket there is an essential need to encourage it on the grass root level.

Under facilitated

Women cricketers who somehow struggle and make their way to international cricket are further discouraged by getting paid much lesser than men cricketers. Most of the budget is allocated only to facilitate men’s cricket while female cricketers manage to get just a daily allowance. Low-income brackets impede women to grow professionally in cricket.

No promotion/broadcast for women’s cricket

Cricket played by women is the least or not advertised at all. Women’s cricket team already seldom gets to be in the limelight, even when they are on international tours. The sports channels prefer broadcasting a previous match highlight rather than promoting a live international woman’s cricket match. There is no full media coverage provided for the Women’s Cricket games and many other things happened there.


Besides the issues discussed in the article, a lot is contributing to discouraging women’s cricket in the subcontinent. Although challenges for women to play cricket have been addressed and worked upon, still there is a long way to go for women’s cricket to flourish. all over the country. Establish more women’s centers and cricket academies. Organize interschool cricket matches and other sports activities for females. International broadcasting for more exposure, and especially educating the non-liberal mindset of our nation as a whole are some steps that can be taken towards healthy women empowerment in international cricket.

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