T20 world cup 2022 revenue | How ICC Earns and distribute money

The T20 World Cup is the latest and newest form of cricket. It has been hailed as a revolution in the game by ICC in 2007 and since then it has been a global event. With its shorter duration and more exciting style of play, the game has been gaining popularity in recent times.

T20 is now the most popular form of cricket and it has been designed to attract more revenue. The revenue from the T20 world cup 2022 is expected to be higher than that from the T20 world cup 2021. This increase in revenue is because there will be more matches in 2022 and also because of the inclusion of more nations in the event.

20 world cup 2022 revenue

Considering this article will instruct you about the ICC T20 World Cup’s business model for 2022. In this particular article, we’ll go through the following questions.

  • Revenue streams of the T20 world cup
  • How does ICC make money?
  • Who owns all revenue of the T20 World Cup event, ICC or the host Country?
  • How is money distributed among the participant nations?
  • Prize money for the T20 world cup 2022?

Revenue Streams of the T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is one of the most popular and lucrative cricket events in the world, drawing in millions of viewers and generating significant revenue for the International Cricket Council (ICC). The tournament has several revenue streams that help fund the event, support the ICC, and develop the sport of cricket. These include broadcast rights, sponsorship, ticket sales, merchandising, advertising, hospitality, and prize money. The ICC has been able to monetize the event in many ways, which makes it a huge contributor to the growth and development of the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different revenue streams of the T20 World Cup and how they contribute to the success of the tournament.

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How does ICC make money

Broadcasting Rights for the T20 World Cup: The ICC sells the rights to broadcast the T20 World Cup to television networks and streaming platforms around the world. This is one of the most significant sources of revenue for the ICC, as the tournament is watched by millions of people globally. Star Sports paid the ICC $1.98 billion in compensation.

Sponsorship deal: The ICC also receives funding from its sponsors. Nissan, MRF Tyres, Byju’s, Emirates, and Booking.com, among others, are global sponsors of the T20 World Cup 2022. In exchange, these organizations get focused advertising. There appear to be numerous kinds of sponsors, and they are additionally classified as global partners, class partners, and social networking partners. The fixed quantity of sponsorship is not publicly disclosed

Revenue through Advertisement: The International Cricket Council (ICC) generates revenue through the sale of advertising spots in the match venues, as well as on the official tournament website and other digital platforms. For this edition of the T20 World Cup, 45 matches are scheduled to take place. During each match, 2700 seconds of video advertising is displayed. For every 10 seconds of advertising, the ICC earns INR 15 lakhs, which is equivalent to approximately 20,000 USD.

This means that for each match, 5 million USD is generated through video advertisements alone. Therefore, throughout the entire tournament, an estimated 225 million USD is generated through video advertising revenue.

Ticket sales: The ICC generates revenue from the sale of tickets to T20 World Cup matches. The ICC sets the ticket prices, and the revenues generated from ticket sales go towards organizing the event.

Merchandising: The ICC generates revenue from the sale of merchandise related to the T20 World Cup, such as T-shirts, caps, and other souvenirs. These items are sold at the venues where the matches are played and through the ICC’s online store.

Hospitality: ICC also generates revenues from the sale of hospitality packages that include exclusive access to the match venues, VIP seating, and other perks.

Prize money: ICC also generates revenue from the prize money it gives to the winning team, runners-up, and other teams.

T20 World Cup revenue holder

Ever wanted to comprehend who makes the most cash for the duration of the T20 World Cup? Who pays for all the reward money? Is the winner the one who makes the most money? Or the tournament’s organizers? is it the host country Australia that is hosting the tournament? Or perhaps the International Cricket Council, abbreviated as ICC.

ICC events revenue holder

ICC the global governing body of cricket and event organizer owns all the revenue generated through the T20 world cup. Hence the ICC is responsible to distributes the money to member boards, event participants, and associates in proportion to their share of the Associate and Affiliate membership of the ICC.

Host country

Host Country The country where the opposition is held is referred to as the “host nation.” What does the country receive from the world cup? Where does the national authority come from? It’s now not handy to decide the solution to this.

T20 World cup 2022, defending world champion Australia hosting the tournament for the first time. The World Cup is a huge event that is watched by billions of people worldwide. Hosting a World Cup can be a very lucrative opportunity for any country. It is a chance for host countries to make money and show off their culture.

There are many business opportunities to be found in the T20 world cup. These opportunities can be found in various sectors such as tourism, food and beverage, retail, and sports. The revenue generated by the host country can be divided into two parts: direct revenue and indirect revenue.

Direct Revenue

Direct revenue consists of ticket sales, TV rights, sponsorship, and merchandising.

Indirect Revenue

The World Cup is a huge event that is watched by billions of people worldwide. It is difficult to estimate the variety of indirect advantages that exist. Specifically, the proceeds from tourism are generated when foreign nationals travel to the country that is hosting the World Cup to attend stadium matches.

Additionally, there is a surge in overseas visitors and hence tourism generates income. Numerous jobs will be created shortly. Organizations near the stadium, including cafes, clubs, hotels, and others, see an extensive boom as a result of the big influx of travelers into the nation. The accommodations fill up quickly. The eating corporations will be packed. Because of this, the financial system of the nation and GDP growth might be positively impacted.

In contrast to this, a country’s capacity to host an international tournament effectively demonstrates its stability. People honestly would like to spend more in the nation. Increasing overseas direct funding, the infrastructure should be improved and respectable roads need to be constructed. It’s vital to keep matters clean. Indirect revenue includes tourism and other economic benefits that could be derived from hosting such a high-profile event.

Prize Money for T20 World Cup

Cash Prize Starting to cross over to the most basic and easiest aspect that nearly every person is familiar with: cash prizes. The winning team in the T20 World Cup will be awarded a monetary award of around $1.6 million.

The defeated finalist team will be given a financial award of $800,000. The prize money for the two semifinalists is $400,000. Furthermore, as every team received in the course of the Super Bowl, each team will get $40,000 in awards. In all, $5.6 million in cash prizes will be awarded in this World Championship, in addition to additional charges such as umpire salaries, commentator fees, and so forth.

prize money for t20 world cup 2022

Prize money for ICC T20 World Cup 2022

How does ICC spend its money?

The revenue from this has been used to fund many development projects which have helped cricket grow in countries like Afghanistan, Ireland, Namibia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Zimbabwe, and other growing cricket nations.


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