Become a Professional Women Cricketer in India| Complete Guide 2022

Become a women cricketer in India: In earlier times cricket was considered a gentlemen’s game as women were not supposed to play cricket. As we are in the midst of the 21st century, royal sport is no more gender specific. Almost every country who part of the International Cricket Council has its women’s national team.

If you live in a country like India, cricket is the jewel in the crown for sports lovers. More than 100 million of its population are cricket enthusiasts, making it the most revered and cherished sport in the country. Many girls who love the sport aspire to represent their national women’s cricket team, the certain criteria need to be fulfilled to become a women cricketer.

Despite the lack of cricketing infrastructure and challenges for females to become cricketers in India, we are revealing the golden path of joining the national cricket team step by step.


Know who you are

First thing first, you should have the talent to show. Loving cricket and following all of its aspects cannot make you the team. You should honestly believe that you can be a fine bowler or better. You should feel that your wrist is strong enough to push the ball across the boundary.

Once you are so sure about yourself and confident enough to take criticism then you are all ready to be a professional cricketer, but the path is not easy, only your passion for cricket, could make you do it.

become a women Cricketer

The process to become a women cricketer

During the last couple of years, the Indian women’s cricket team has got recognition. after getting tremendous sponsorships with brand acknowledgment, many young energetic women cricketers have come forward to join the team.

Although the competition has increased it is still not as a men’s cricket team and still, there is plenty of room for talented women cricketers with a passion for growth. To understand the process of getting elected to the Indian women’s national side, you should know how Women Cricketers Made it to the Indian Team.

  1. Join a Cricket Academy
  2. Find the right Coach
  3. Join Professional Women Cricket Club.
  4. Start Playing Tournaments.
  5. Work on Your Body
  6. Appear in trials to get selected for Women’s domestic Leagues or Tournaments.

Join a Cricket Academy

Locating and joining the ideal cricket academy is critical to become a woman cricketer. It’s crucial to register yourself for the academy so your track record must prove that you were playing at the pivot stage.

Cricket Academies of almost every State, City, and region provide female coaching and training facilities from the grassroots level. Here is a list of some of the top-notch cricket institutions for females in India.

List of the best women’s cricket academies

  • Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar
  • Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore
  • Cricket academy of Pathans
  • MS Dhoni Cricket Academy, Patna
  • MIG Cricket Club, Bandra East Mumbai
  • Gennext Institute, Chennai
  • Sonnet Cricket Academy, Delhi
  • National School of Cricket, Dehradun
  • Female Cricket Academy – Maharashtra (Mumbai)
  • Mehsana Cricket academy for Females, Gujarat
  • Madan Lal Cricket Academy, Delhi · Jaipur
  •  Female Cricket Academy – Maharashtra (Mumbai)
Tips to Choose the Best Academy

Before considering joining any cricket academy females should consider the following essential points.

  • Good Location
  • Good Coaching Staff
  • Affiliation with the Women’s Cricket Association or BCCI
  • Ground and match facilities

Find a Coach

Cricket coach for women

To become professional cricketers women must have a coach who can effectively guide their technical, tactical, and physical development to become better cricketers.

A good coach or mentor in cricket can guide you to develop specific skills to fulfill the criteria of becoming a women’s cricketer. With their experience and knowledge of the game aspirant, female cricketers can grow personally and professionally to become a women cricketer in India.

Work on your body to become a cricketer

There is a term in cricket “The fitter you are the better you’ll play”. How often do you see a fat woman playing cricket at the international level? To play professional cricket you need to be fit and strong, and your reactive muscles must always be active. You have to emphasize getting instinctive reactions and well-honed hand-eye (or foot-eye) coordination in the field.

Women Domestic Tournaments

If you fulfill the above criteria and work hard your chances of playing women’s domestic cricket tournaments become vast. If you are wondering where you could try your luck, the following are some domestic tournaments to start from

  • Ranji Trophy.
  • Senior Women’s Challenger Trophy.
  • Senior Women’s Cricket Inter Zonal Three-Day Game.
  • Sheesh, Mahal Cricket Tournament.
  • Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

Look out for Trials

Like any other sport in the world, associations are working to find rising talent through trials in India. Women’s cricket associations in India work as governing body for cricket in India.

Women cricket associations guide to a definite path to become a women cricketer. BCCI has set a predefined way to induct young ladies to the cricket team where the Women’s cricket association holds many different Domestic tournaments for the female to assess rising talents where selectors pick them based on the requirements of the Indian cricket team and the talented players possess.

The board of control for cricket in India held cricket trials for U13, U16, and U19 cricketers from September to October every year. For senior female cricketers usually, the trial window starts from June to July. You can check the complete details from the official website of the Indian cricket team.

Women’s Cricket Association of India

In 1973, India’s women’s national cricket team got official recognition under the name “Women’s Cricket Association of India.” The association started its international journey with Indian female cricket players by registering with ICC.

Before that Indian women players were not getting much recognition due to the unavailability of an organized platform. From here, Indian women’s cricket took flight and we heard of many famous female cricketers of India such as (Mithali raj, Jhulan Goswami, Priya Punia, Radha Yadav, Anjum Chopra, Smriti Mandhana · Neetu David, Veda Krishnamurthy, and Shikha Pandey.


Women who show passion and talent for cricket always dream big. Dream to play for the International team. As big as the dream, you always need to work harder. From millions of passionate female Indian cricketers, only 11 make it to the team, so always dream big, listen to your coach, practice your talent and work even harder.

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