USA Cricket players trade policy,US to Become great Cricket nation

USA cricket has always been a long shot as highly depends on immigrant players from cricket-playing nations to prosper. The royal sport is accessible to everyone in the USA. Boys, girls, and all the players regardless of where they originally hail from, there is a role for everyone in the growing U.S. cricket side.

Players from all over the world can register themselves to play for the U.S. side. They have to bring out the player’s trade policy to play the royal sport in the united states. Before considering playing for the U.S. as an overseas player, run through the following bat and ball sports history in the united states.

How to join US cricket team

The United States has yet to compete in the ICC Cricket World Cup, but this game holds a special place in American history. In the early 18th century, bat and ball game was played by British settlers in North America. 

Although the game was very popular in the early days of the American Republic, the national game of the British did not become a mainstream sport in America after the mid-19th century. Baseball has replaced cricket as the country’s most popular summer sport. Today cricket is regaining a U.S. following.

There are currently 49 leagues in the United States, with 1,100 registered clubs and approximately 50,000 active participants, all under the jurisdiction of the United States Cricket Association (USACA), the governing body of the sport in the country.

USA Cricket players trade Policy

Bat and ball games failed to develop into mainstream sporting activity in the early 1900s and their popularity waned. However, the increasing number of immigrants from countries where cricket has become a part of life in recent decades, especially from the Caribbean and South Asia, has helped generate a great deal of interest in the sport in the country.

USA cricket players trade policy

Gambling under the U.S “ICC Player Eligibility” at least one of the following statements be true:

  • The Player was born in the United States.
  • Players have dual citizenship or are residents of the U.S.
  • Have some association or relatives in the United States.
  • Approval from a club based in the US.
  • Fulfill the player registration form if have a US passport.
  • A player is considered a resident if he/she is living in the U.S for the past 3 years

ICC Complete Player Eligibility Rules

US to Become great Cricket nation

Cricket in the united state has always been on the agenda since the early 2000s when the U.S. took on the likes of Australia in the ICC intercontinental cup. But since then U.S. cricket has fallen off the radar with their notable contributions to cricket being the 2017 all-star series where Shane warn and Sachin Tendulkar headlined teams that played in several baseball stadiums around the united state.

As you may know, US cricket has announced they are starting up a new cricket league in the USA. The league is called the Major Cricket League. With six teams the first edition of the Major League will be featured in 2023. This shows the U.S. started to take things with the gentlemen’s game a little bit more seriously. The problem is the current cricket side is nothing to shout about.

Despite they are still not playing in ICC tournaments, there are 3 reasons why the USA can become a great cricketing nation.

Recruit overseas players

If you watch cricket in the USA, players playing cricket most probably are not US citizens. USA investing resources to Steal professional players from cricket-playing countries.

According to USA Cricket players trade policy, Boys, girls, and all the players regardless of where they originally hail from can join US cric if have dual citizenship or have some association with the United States. There are players right now playing for USA cricket who have dual citizenship. These players could be the best all-time cricket players for the US team.

Corey Anderson from New Zealand

New Zealand all-rounder exited the former New Zealand international is the star the u.s desperately needs. He currently lives with his American wife Mary Shamburger in texas which means he has a u.s citizenship.

Anderson represented his country 93 times and played in the ICC world cup grand final 2015. In a world cup, he scored the 2nd fastest one-day international century in history. He has already accepted a deal to join major league cricket which shows he could be in line to play for the united states sometime in the future.

Sami Aslam from Pakistan

25-year-old Pakistani opener batter is the perfect inclusion in U.S cricket. He has already accepted a deal to move over to states following a demotion from Pakistan’s international side.

The left-handed played 13 tests for Pakistan and 4 ODI’s before he decided to move to the united states in a bid to play for the national side. He has spent the better half of the last couple of years in the USA playing domestic cricket there. Where he will have to play cricket for another year before becoming illegible to play the US National cricket side.

Ian Holland from Australia

Australian all-rounder Ian Holland is the inaugural winner of a reality tv show called cricket superstar hosted by Alan Border. Holland found himself thrown into the spotlight with a contract with victoria and he played in the Sheffield Shield in 2016.

He was born in Wisconsin the united states holland switched to county cricket in 2017 with Hampshire and made his international debut for the u.s in 2019. Though he may not have broken records as of yet. He has shown his talent domestically and would be a good fit in the US outfit.

Jehan Mubarak from Sri Lanka

American-born left-hand batter Jehan Mubarak played a handy career at the international level for Sri Lanka. He had played 13 test matches and 41 one-day internationals across 13 years. Though he never managed to cement his place in the Sri Lankan side across a 13-year career.

A player with the experience of Mubarak against formidable lineups like Australia, India, England, and Pakistan would be a handy inclusion for a growing cricket side like the united states.

Willem Ludick from South Africa

Willem Ludick is a 24-year-old South African and he has shown his talent in New Zealand domestic cricket when he smashed a century in his first game. He played in the 2016 under 19 world cup with south Africa. He impressed the under-23 South African sides before agreeing to move to the united states in a bid to play international cricket. Ludwick will be a player to watch in the future.

Ibrahim Khaleel

The imported player from India Ibrahim Khaleel is currently the most experienced in the US side and is the world record holder for the most wicketkeeping dismissals in a first-class match.

Khaleed played domestic cricket for the Hyderabad cricket association located in India. He represented them in the inaugural but now banned Indian cricket League. This didn’t do him any good in trying to squeeze through a long list of India’s ridiculously loaded wicketkeeper talent so Khaleel decided to make the move to the US. He played for the U.S since 2017 and now has notched up over 50 matches under his belt.

Hayeden Walsh Jr from West Indies

The former West Indies international is an Antiguan American cricketer who is a star leg spinner in the Caribbean Premier League. He is known for a good wrong-in and handy technique with the bat Walsh jr is the kind of star the United states needed. Jr already joined the US team back in 2020. Having a player of Walsh of caliber commit to the US cricket program shows that there is hope going forward for the states.

Rusty Theron from South Africa

Rusty Theron from South Africa is the X factor player that united stated needs. A right-arm fast bowler who could also launch the ball a mile with the bat.

Theron was a south African international player who played in the IPL for the Rajasthan Royals. He picked up a five-wicket haul against Zimbabwe on his ODI debut and a four-wicket haul against Pakistan in 2010. Despite having a great startup in his career his chances at the international level became thinner and thinner as his career progressed. So he decided to move to the united state in 2017 with the ambition to play international cricket.

Cameron Gannon from Australia

Australian fast bowler with an impressive 2020 and domestic cricket record Cameron Gannon would be the man to lead the US fast bowling attack. He has played 22 matches for the Perth scorcher, Melbourne Renegades, and Brisbane heat. He has notched up 127 wickets in his time playing Queensland and Western Australia.

Although his record may not be on the same level as Mitchel Starc or Anderson we have to remember we are talking about growing the US side. Someone like Gannon who has proved to have performed at a level as the Sheffield shield will be exactly what the united states need. He notably notched up 38 Sheffield shield wickets in the 2020 season and is the form bowler that the united states need to lead the attack.

Liam Plunkett from England

Liam Plunkett is a World Cup winner with a couple of Ashes caps next o his name playing for the England cricket side. American cricket would have to be looking at trying to snag this big English fast bowler.

Despite his age indicating he is as motivated as ever his 158 games of first-class experience would be a wonderful addition to America’s young talent. His ability to seam the ball consistently and put the ball in the spot will be a great addition to America’s bowling attack.

USA Cricket Infrastructure

To make a good cricket side the first is to try to develop homegrown talent which is probably the most obvious one that can be done by extending the game through schools and just making more competitions available to America’s youth.

There are two main types of infrastructure needed for cricket in the USA:

USA cricket infrastructure

1. Sports infrastructure, which includes facilities for playing cricket such as stadiums, pitches, grounds, nets, etc.;

2. Cricket-specific infrastructure such as coaching academies and academies for other support staff like physiotherapists, umpires, etc., which are necessary for producing players at the international level.

Cric clubs and academies in the USA

There is a list of cricket clubs and organizations in the USA working for the wellness of gentlemen’s games.

USA Cricket Association. Agcc cricket. Essex cricket. Philadelphia cricket club. Germantown cricket club. Longwood cricket club. Philadelphia Cricket Club.Richmond.Seattle.Santa Clara Cricket Club.Salt Lake.Sunrise.Toronto City Cricket Club.

Major Cricket League in the USA

US cricket holds an associate playing nation tag according to ICC. If you watch cricket in the USA, the latest development made by the US cricket association they started a major cricket league in the country. International and local players will be featured in this major league. Before starting the major league USA use to organize the Minor cricket league and American Premier League.

Convert Baseball players to cricketers

The second is to identify great athletes such as baseball players who can’t quickly crack at a professional level but try and transition them towards cricket. This is something that could potentially work in the united states considering how big baseball is and its similarities to cricket.


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